Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 21

Chapter 21 This Is The Second Time You've Snatched Someone From Me

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Looked like he was right. A fool could not have such strong willpower.

Lin Wanwan only wanted to leave here immediately. As she walked away in a panicked state, she slammed into a cold embrace.


She wanted to apologize and looked up. What came into view was that familiar flawless face. His brows were slightly raised, softening his indifferent expression.

“Lu Zhanbei, it’s you!” After being stunned for a while, she hugged his waist without hesitation. “Help me, please help me!”

Looking at the girl who flung herself at him, Lu Zhanbei felt her trembling body and he sensed a strange sense of helplessness from her.

“Why do you look so pitiful every time I see you?”

Gu Mo, who was standing behind him, felt that way strongly too and nodded.

Lin Wanwan cried without tears. She did not want this either, alright?!

“Please, treat this as one of the chances of help I’m seeking from you.”


There was no hesitation this time round. As Lu Zhanbei promised her, he lifted her up horizontally.

Tang Chen, who was leaning lazily against the door frame, said slowly, “Lu Zhanbei, this is the second time you’re snatching someone from me. That’s a bit unkind.”

“You can snatch her again from me.”

Lu Zhanbei’s expression was indifferent. His calm tone was accompanied by an underlying message that nobody could compare to him.

“But first, you’ll have to have that ability.”

Tang Chen smiled coldly. His narrow eyes flashed a hint of coldness.

Without answering him, he looked at Lin Wanwan, who was in Lu Zhanbei’s embrace. He said with double meaning, “Lin’s second daughter, we haven’t finished our meal yet. I’ll wait here for you, and I won’t leave without seeing you.”

He was convinced that she would be back.

Lin Wanwan was hurriedly carried out of the restaurant. Lu Zhanbei did not waste time and checked in to a presidential suite at a five star hotel nearby.

“Gu Mo, get Doctor Zhou Yan here.”

“I’ve given him a call just now, but he can only rush over in half an hour.”


Lu Zhanbei, who was seated on the sofa, looked at Lin Wanwan, who was on the bed. From the symptoms that she was showing, he had already assessed the situation.

“Bear with it a while more.”

“Yes, I’ll try”

Lin Wanwan curled her body and nestled both hands under the sheets. Her slender body was twitching, and her face, which was drenched in sweat, was as pale as paper. She was in a sorry state and looked pitiful.

Gu Mo couldn’t bear this sight and said, “Sir, I’ll head out first.”

“Don’t.” Lu Zhanbei frowned. “I’m a little scared.”

Oh my! Sir was capable of feeling scared?

“Scared of?”

Lu Zhanbei gave him a side glance. “Of not being able to keep my chastity.”

“” Gu Mo rolled his eyes to the sky.

When Lin Wanwan digested the meaning of his words, she did not bother to put on a disguise. She looked at him angrily.

“Lu Zhanbei, what do you mean? Do you think I will lay a hand on you?”

Lu Zhanbei calmly asked her back, “Will you not?”

As if I would!

Although she really wanted a boyfriend, she was not so desperate yet!

“You don’t have to worry at all, I’m not blind!”

“Oh, that’s good.”

Lu Zhanbei’s fake sigh of relief made Lin Wanwan clench her teeth. She laid back on the bed and concentrated on dealing with the growing itch in her bones.

She started to yawn more, her mood was getting more irritated by the minute. She even had a kind of madness to want to shred everything to pieces!

This would not do. If she continued being like this, she would not be able to pull through!

She sat up and tried to divert her attention. “Lu Zhanbei, let’s have a chat.”