Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Looking At An Idiot

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Gu Mo pouted. Mr. Lu is definitely "hiberdating"!

Lu Zhanbei returned to the room next door to find Lin Wanwan half-awake. A strand of hair stood firmly on her head, bouncing up and down as she moved.

Lu Zhanbei strolled over and stroked her hair. "Did you rest well?"

"Yep." Lin Wanwan rubbed her eyes as she grabbed her phone.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flickered. "Who are you calling?"

"Luo Han."

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei carefully as she recalled the quarreling in the car. Lu Zhanbei simply stared at her strand of hair with interest as if he didnt hear a thing.

Lin Wanwan was relieved. While waiting for Luo Han to answer the call, she asked, "Do you think he will agree to it?"

"Maybe." Lu Zhanbei continued working on her hair.

The next second, it bounced back again.

Interest brewed in Lu Zhanbeis eyes as he reached out to her hair again.

Lin Wanwan watched speechlessly.Is he addicted?

He was like a child who just found a new toy; he was playing around with her hair relentlessly.

How childish!

The call went through, and Luo Hans voice came across. "Who is this?"

"Its me! Lin Wanwan." Lin Wanwan rated her adorable voice a hundred in her heart.

"How do you know my number?"


There was no way that Lin Wanwan was going to tell him that she memorized it before she passed away as Lin Xiao!

"I got it from Uncle Lu!"

By saying this, shed given a reasonable answer, showed Luo Han that they were from the same generation, and clarified her relationship with Lu Zhanbei.

While she was feeling proud of her wit, she felt a cold gust of wind streaming down her spine.

She turned back to look at Lu Zhanbei, but he seemed perfectly normal as he focused on her hair.

Taking it as a delusion, she got back to Luo Han. "The reason that Im calling is that I hope you can help me out regarding the rumors"

Luo Han cut her off. "I get it."

Did he get it? Did he discover my true intention?

What amazing teamwork! Deserving of a man that I like! Hehe!

Lin Wanwan kept a steady voice despite feeling over the moon. "So"

"Ill help."

What? That simple?

Lin Wanwan was a little excited. Covering the mic, she shot Lu Zhanbei a boastful glance and said under her voice, "Look! Luo Han and I must be meant to be. It took him less than a second to agree to become my boyfriend. Who knows? He might have always liked me!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her like he was looking at a complete idiot.

Lin Wanwan was at a loss. Why is he looking at me like this? He must be jealous because he is going to be single for life.

Lin Wanwan showed her pity. "Trust me! As long as you dont give up, you will find true love one day!"

Lu Zhanbeis face got darker. Lin Wanwans heart skipped a beat as she quickly looked away.

Luo Han didnt get a reply from Lin Wanwan, so he continued, "I will explain to the media that our relationship is strictly for business, and theres nothing ambiguous about it."