Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Beloved Little Wild Horse

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Oh?Lin Wanwan was confused.


Without waiting for her to question him, Luo Han deftly hung up the call.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the petrified girl on the bed, and his lips suddenly curved into a smile.

"Hearts which have a common beat are linked?"

"Secretly having a crush on you?"

"Heh heh."

At last, he sneered elegantly and coldly, then left.

Lin Wanwans face was flushed red, and she could not wait to find a hole to drill in.

Ah!!! Her look of unrequited love was seen by Lu Zhanbei! How embarrassing!

Lin Wanwan was so affected by this that she did not go out the whole day and could only lie in bed, refreshing her Weibo.

Luo Han moved fast. After the call with Lin Wanwan, he immediately sent out a clarification message.

Luo Han:Im sorry to have created an undeserved catastrophe for Lin Wanwan. Using this platform, I want to declare that Lin Wanwan and I are just partners at work, and we dont share any ambiguous relationship. When she ran into trouble then, I didnt think there was anything wrong for me to come out and protect my partner at work. Thats it.

Luo Han seldom posted on his personal Weibo account, but that didnt stop his huge fan base from visiting it everyday.

Once he sent out the message on Weibo, it immediately attracted countless peoples attention.

An angry voice appeared among the comments, most of which were from fans professing their love for Luo Han.

Dont you guys think you owe Lin Wanwan an apology? In this age and time, its very commonplace for fans to go overboard and the idol to step out afterwards to make things better. When the truth wasnt out yet, you guys already cursed and swore at Lin Wanwan. On what basis did you treat her that way!

This comment progressed quickly to a top comment, and a number of rational fans expressed that they would like to apologize to Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan, who was refreshing the comments thread on her Weibo account, saw the numerous "sorries". She was stunned and suddenly smiled.

Some people say that fans are the most fickle group in the world. They could like this star today but be obsessed with another the next. However, one had to admit that it was quite touching at times when they were truly protective.

Lin Wanwan and Luo Hans scandal was settled. However, another new gossip was created.

Since Luo Han was not together with Lin Wanwan, could the other man be her real boyfriend?

Ball, declare your relationship status!

Yes, yes. We can accept it. Although we cant see the mans face clearly, we can already tell hes quite handsome from the profile. Show us a hi-res photo please!

Wait, have you all forgotten about young Tang? Hahaha.

Lin Wanwan was speechless from despair at the waves of comments that were blowing the matter up.

Not too long later, someone posted a Weibo message too.

Tang Chen:Although I have a big grassland, my beloved little wild horse was persistent about sucking a cactus. I can only hope that the day shes pricked by the cactus, she will look back at me.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Who was the wild horse and who was the cactus? Did he have to be so disgusting!

She didnt expect Tang Chen to be quite an expert in acting pitiful. Onlookers who were not in the know would definitely have bought into his words!

True enough, the netizens who saw this Weibo message immediately came up with all kinds of dramatic love scenes.

Tang Chen was also labeled as the spare tire that touched Xia country. Lin Wanwan was so angry that she shut off her mobile.

What sins had she created in her previous life to have come into contact with Tang Chen the troublemaker now?

In the evening, Lin Wanwan finally could not fight against the rumbling noise from her stomach. She slowly exited her room and casually grabbed a female servant who was walking past.

"Ah is Lu Zhanbei downstairs?"

As her words fell, a mans distinctive low voice sounded from behind, "Youre looking for me?"