Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Keep One's Chastity And Not Lower Oneself

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Lin Wanwan was shocked. Her conditioned reflexes led her to take a step back. However, she fell into Lu Zhanbei’s arms instead.

Without waiting for her to escape, the man’s slender arms held her waist. The handsome eyebrow ridge frowned slightly, carrying with it a little dissatisfaction.

“Lin Wanwan, am I a savage monster? Why are you so frightened?”

You’re much scarier than a savage monster.

Lin Wanwan stood up straight and rubbed her stomach pitifully. “I’m hungry.”

“ Follow me.”

She followed Lu Zhanbei to the restaurant. The table was already full of dishes with wonderful aromas.

Lin Wanwan’s eyes shone. However, she saw from the corner of her eye that Lu Zhanbei was frowning.

“They’re all cold. Get them to prepare them again.”

“No!” Lin Wanwan stopped him. “It’s such a pity to waste so many dishes. It’s fine that they’re cold. I’m not picky.”

“No, cold food is bad for the stomach.”

Lin Wanwan could only stare wide-eyed at the table full of dishes being removed. As she waited, she took out her mobile and sent Luo Han a message.

Thanks for disagreeing with what you saw and speaking up for me. I’m unable to repay your kindness and can only treat you to a meal.

Luo Han replied to the message very quickly.

No need. It’s my fans who have caused you this trouble. It has nothing to do with you.

Then why don’t you treat me to a meal?

Chatting while having a meal was the best way to enhance feelings.

Lu Zhanbei saw Lin Wanwan beaming with joy as she was sending out messages. He asked coldly, “Who are you chatting with?”

“Luo Han.”

Luo Han again!

A hint of coldness flashed past Lu Zhanbei’s heart. He asked, “Lin Wanwan, have you finished the papers I’ve given you previously?”

“Ah?” Lin Wanwan was stunned. Why was he still bringing up the papers! “Haven’t you agreed to me dating Luo Han?”

Speaking of this, Lin Wanwan felt deeply saddened in her heart. She didn’t expect that there was now a Lu Zhanbei who’d jumped out from nowhere to manage her when her parents could not even do so in this lifetime!

She just didn’t understand. She’s going to fall in love, not commit murder and arson. Did he have to be so against it?

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed and raised his eyebrows. “There is a huge problem with your understanding. I now understand why you could only score 60 marks. The most important thing for a student is to learn. If you’re thinking about falling in love all the time, how are you going to make a living when your studies are neglected and your acting skills have deteriorated and you have achieved nothing? You probably can’t say no even if you were to end up being a beggar under the bridge then.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “”

Thank you very much for planning my future!

However, Lu Zhanbei’s madness did not stop there. The impression he gave was that, if Lin Wanwan did not give up on falling in love, he would be prepared to continue lecturing her.

“Don’t forget that you’re still underage. Even if your parents have not taught you that underage people need to protect themselves, your teacher should have said this before too.”

Lin Wanwan lowered her head farther and farther as he lectured on. She had the illusion that she was a child.

She raised her hand weakly. “Don’t worry. There’s no issue with a seventeen-year-old falling in love. All’s good as long as I don’t do anything overboard.”

She still wanted to do something overboard?

“What if you do?”

“There’s no what if!”

Lin Wanwan nearly raised her hand to swear. Under Lu Zhanbei’s questioning gaze, she swallowed her saliva and solemnly said, “Please believe that I have moral integrity. Before the age of eighteen, I promise that I will keep my chastity and not lower myself. I would definitely not do anything disgraceful with Luo Han!”

So please don’t be too hard on me this time, and let me fall in love!

Not only did Lin Wanwan’s words not soften Lu Zhanbei’s expression, the frostiness between his eyebrows became thicker instead.