Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 213

Chapter 213 He's So Despicable To Use His Looks To Seduce Me

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He suddenly leaned over, and his flawless, handsome face was reflected in her clear eyes. After he curved his lips into a smile, Lin Wanwan’s eyes flashed a glimmer of shock, and she unconsciously stared at him.

A beauty’s smile could cause the downfall of a city and a nation

Lu Zhanbei was very satisfied with her reaction. He smiled even deeper and asked, “Then how do you explain you taking the initiative back then to kiss me?”

Lin Wanwan was shocked. Without waiting for her to recover herself, Lu Zhanbei raised his hand and hooked a messy strand of hair dangling from her ears. As he casually played with it, he raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly.

This was different from the elegant and gentle smile previously. This smile carried a little playfulness, a little laziness, and some faintly discernible seduction.

Lin Wanwan was stunned and could only stare at him again.

“Lin Wanwan”

Lu Zhanbei lowered his head. His warm breathing swept past her ears with a warm stream of air.

“You don’t look like a person with chastity now.”

“” Waking up from this beautiful dream, Lin Wanwan glared at him with hatred and sadness.

He is so despicable! He actually used his looks to seduce me!

Lu Zhanbei said coldly, “Based on the above, your words are not credible. So, no falling in love allowed!”

Lin Wanwan was really depressed now. To be honest, Lu Zhanbei was neither her parent nor her relative. He shouldn’t have a say at all as to whether she falls in love or not.

The reason why she kept beating around the bush and eventually did not reject him directly was because she knew that Lu Zhanbei truly treated her well.

“Let’s discuss. Can you stop worrying about this matter?”

Lu Zhanbei immediately understood what she meant. A hint of coldness flashed in his eyes. “You think I’m being a busybody?”


Lin Wanwan initially wanted to quibble. However, looking at Lu Zhanbei’s cold, black eyes, she could only bite her lip and mutter to herself.

“You might not know that I really want to fall in love in this lifetime. Since I have chosen Luo Han, I won’t give up so easily unless you tell me a convincing reason.”


Lu Zhanbei looked down and blocked the light in his eyes. He suddenly said, “Lin Wanwan, look at me.”


Looking at the girl’s clear eyes, Lu Zhanbei shockingly felt a hint of nervousness in his heart. He said slowly, “If I say the reason why I don’t want you to be together with Luo Han is because I don’t want you to leave me, would you believe me?”

He eventually chose to use a more tactful manner, for fear of scaring her.

Although he still could not understand how he could like two women at the same time, the truth was exactly that.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She asked seriously, “You’re serious?”

“Very serious.”

Lin Wanwan looked depressed.

Lu Zhanbei’s expression was indifferent. However, the tight rubbing of his lips revealed the perturbation in his heart.

In those moments, he felt like he was a prisoner waiting for a verdict in court. Lin Wanwan’s answer would determine if he was acquitted or imprisoned for life.

After a long while, Lin Wanwan placed a hand on his shoulder and pressed down firmly. “We’re all adults now.”

Lu Zhanbei frowned, not understanding what she meant.

Lin Wanwan sighed and said sincerely, “I know you have always regarded me as a junior that needs to be taken care of, and you can’t help but protect me under your wings. However, I will grow up one day. Even if you can’t bear it, we will separate from each other one day. So you need to learn how to let go. Do you understand?”

Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

This damned girl thought that his feelings for her was like those in a fledgling story?

She was being stupid again when she shouldn’t be!

“Lin Wanwan, listen up! I”