Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Should He Pursue Lin Wanwan?

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Just when Lu Zhanbei had mustered up his courage and wanted to reveal how he felt, a flustered scream could be heard suddenly from outside the door. "Brother Zhanbei, something big has happened! Its very urgent eh? Pretty Miss, youre here too?"

Mo Chen ran in and saw Lin Wanwan. He gave her a leer and didnt notice Lu Zhanbeis dark expression at all. He rushed in front of her and knelt a single leg on the floor. He said with affection, "Heaven has wonderfully arranged our every encounter. Please allow me to use a sincere kiss to express my love for you."

He lifted Lin Wanwans hand and was about to kiss it.


The back of his head suffered an open-handed hit. Mo Chen looked at the initiator with a wronged look on his face.

"Brother Zhanbei, why did you hit me?"

"To hit is to kiss, to scold is to love."

"" Did he have to be so stingy about him kissing his little lover? Where was the bromance?

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was currently covering her mouth and secretly laughing. He suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and asked coldly, "Tell me. What happened?"

Mo Chen took out his wallet and opened it. It was so empty that not a single banknote could be found.

"Brother, I actually dont even have a single cent in my wallet. Perhaps there was some strange happening and some poor soul stole all my money away. Seeing that your brother is so pitiful, wont you lend some support?"

These words, matched with his horrified expression, had an exceptionally comedic effect.

"Chuckle!" Lin Wanwan could not tolerate it any longer and laughed out loud.

Haha, so it turned out he was crying for money.

Poor soul? Wasnt he himself that poor soul?

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei. Seeing that he squinted his eyes and raised his eyebrows in laughter, she knew that he was about to flare up. She stood up and planned to slip away.

"Cough cough, I still have something on so Ill be leaving first. If youre bored, why not interact more with the girl you like? Love will only blossom after a long period of time!"

After he had wooed the white moonlight in his heart, he might not have the time to manage her anymore.

After speaking, she ran out quickly.

Looking at her back as she left, Lu Zhanbeis expression turned gloomy.

He wanted love to blossom between them. Too bad she was a fool and didnt give him this chance.

Lu Zhanbeis expression changes did not escape Mo Chens eyes. He leaned over and smiled ambiguously. "Could it be that you really like her?"

Lu Zhanbei neither said anything nor looked at him.

Oh? Didnt silence mean consent?

Mo Chen touched his chin and hooked an arm across Lu Zhanbeis neck. "Since were both free today, why not head over to Jin Tong Que Ground Palace and have some drinks?"


"Then lets go!"

Half an hour later, both of them reached Jin Tong Que. There were several floors in the basement, all of which were fully equipped with all kinds of entertainment facilities.

Lu Zhanbei and Mo Chen went to the bar at basement three and ordered a few exorbitant bottles of liquor.

After drinking two bottles of liquor, Mo Chen started to dig for information. "Brother Zhanbei, you and Lin Wanwan can be said to be from two different worlds. How did you guys know each other?"

"Entrusted by someone."

"Then what merits does she have that made you keep thinking about her?"

Lu Zhanbei swirled the glass of wine in his hands and lightly answered, "No flaws."

Even when she was occasionally being stupid, he thought there was a certain cuteness to it.

""Done. There is no need to ask further. True love could not run away.

"Mo Chen, let me ask you something."


Lu Zhanbeis handsome face carried with it a deep unfathomable darkness under the fascinating lights. "Should I pursue Lin Wanwan?"

Without waiting for Mo Chen to answer, he added another sentence, "I do like her. At the same time, I also like another woman."