Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Protect Her Pamper Her Not Let Anyone Bully Her

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“What the?” Mo Chen jumped up in an instant. “You’re already planning to make a cuckold out of Lin Wanwan when you’re not yet together with her! Also, don’t forget, it’s impossible that so-and-so will let you be together with Lin Wanwan!”

Facing the accusations, Lu Zhanbei’s expression turned cold. “It’s only that I’m willing or unwilling to do things in this world. If I choose Lin Wanwan, I will only have her as my woman. I will protect her, pamper her, not let anyone bully her. She”

“Stop!” Mo Chen could not listen to this anymore and complained, “This sounds more like a wedding vow.”

Lu Zhanbei ignored him and drank a glass of liquor on his own.

Mo Chen sighed lightly. “Brother Zhanbei, actually, you have already made a decision.”

When he was saying those words, his eyes were glistening, as if he was already together with Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei was stunned.

That was right. Actually, he’d already made a decision. If not, he wouldn’t have planned to confess directly to Lin Wanwan previously.

“Actions speak louder than words. I’ll tell you honestly, I quite like Lin Wanwan too. If you don’t make a move soon and I get to her first, don’t bear a grudge against me for snatching her away from you.”

Lu Zhanbei glared at him. “You dare?”

Mo Chen hurriedly gave an apologetic smile. “I don’t, I don’t. You’re my little gold mine. Even if I could offend anyone, I won’t dare to offend you!”

Lu Zhanbei maintained his look of dissatisfaction. His fair-skinned fingertips rubbed against the cool glass.

“The biggest problem now is”

Seeing that he abruptly stopped halfway, Mo Chen decided to help him finish the latter half.

“The problem is that Lin Wanwan doesn’t like you. Even if you confess to her, you’re likely to get a ruthless rejection.”


Although the way he said this was a little deserving of a beating, the truth was exactly that.

Sensing the unkindness in Lu Zhanbei’s eyes, Mo Chen cracked a joke, “You’ve been clever all your life. Why is it that you’re a fool in relationships?”

“You have an idea?”

“I have. I’m the famous prince of picking up girls in our team!”

“There’s no other female creatures in your team except for sows.”

“” Ah, actually they were also going for boars.

Mo Chen wiped his face in desolation. Knowing that Lu Zhanbei was looking at him with disdain, he bravely continued to give suggestions. “To boil the frog slowly. Although this is a little old-fashioned, it’s effective. Also, you can’t be soft-hearted to your love rivals. When you see one, destroy one. Destroy all of them until you’re the only man in this world!”

By then, Lin Wanwan would have no other choice.

Lu Zhanbei looked at Mo Chen approvingly. “Good idea.”

Seeing that he was extremely satisfied, Mo Chen started to take advantage of this weakness. “Brother, this time, I would like to strengthen my army’s capabilities can I?”

Lu Zhanbei took a blank check out from his wallet and placed it on the table. “Fill it however you want to.”

Oh oh oh!

Holding the blank check, Mo Chen’s heart surged and he wanted to cry.

Although he had obtained quite a bit of money from Lu Zhanbei previously, this was the only time he allowed him to fill in the amount however he wanted to.

He was going to be rich!

“If I really fill in an amount that I want, do you think that I can make you go bankrupt?” Mo Chen’s eyes shone.

Lu Zhanbei gave him a side glance, as if looking at a bumpkin. “Even if I were to give you another hundred checks, you can’t make me bankrupt.”

Mo Chen was speechless.

Damn. He had seen some rich people boasting about their wealth before, but not to the extent of such madness.

Because of the rumor with Luo Han, Lin Wanwan recently became a hot topic again.

When she went to school on Monday, a group of people noisily came over to gossip with her once class ended.

Thankfully, the rumor was clarified. If not, with such a huge fan base in school, a spit from each fan would have been enough to drown her.