Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 216

Chapter 216 A Piece Of Bad News

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“Haha, I have long guessed that there was nothing between Lin Wanwan and Luo Han. He has been in the entertainment circle for so many years but has never had any relationship with any female stars. I heard that the famous actress Su Maner and one of the four starlets Meng Lu had confessed to him before, but were rejected.”

“Yes. Luo Han doesn’t even fancy Su Maner. What more Lin Wanwan?”

“That’s great. Luo Han is still ours!”

Lin Wanwan pretended not to hear all these contemptuous words.

However, it was unexpected that Liu Zilin, who was packing her books, suddenly dropped the language books on the desk with a loud slam!

“What’s so good about that Su Maner? She’s had cosmetic surgery so many times. She’s already twenty-something but still has the face to label herself as the last virgin in the entertainment circle. Pooh! I don’t even know how many times she had gone along with the unspoken rules!”

Liu Zilin’s words stirred up a hornets’ nest. After all, there was a number of students in class who liked Su Maner.

“Liu Zilin! It’s fine that you’re protecting Lin Wanwan. Why must you insult my female goddess?”

“Exactly! Maner is that pure-hearted. It’s useless that you’re jealous!”

Liu Zilin exploded in an instant. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and said, “Who’s jealous? Also, I’m not protecting Lin Wanwan. I just disagree with all of you holding someone up high and stomping someone down low. Su Maner is pure-hearted? The way you’re saying it is as if you have seen her before!”


Lin Wanwan wanted to faint too. This little girl was still shooting her mouth off.

People’s wrath was formidable. Su Maner’s fans were about to rush towards Liu Zilin and looked as if they were going to beat her up.

Lin Wanwan squeezed in and stood in front of Liu Zilin. She curved her lips downwards and looked very pitiful.

“All of you know that Liu Zilin is my fan. She’s only saying all these because she’s protecting me. If you really want to do the blaming, then blame me, for I, an idol, have not managed my fans well”

Everyone looked at one another. After a while, someone reluctantly snorted, “On account of Lin Wanwan, we’ll let it go this time!”

Liu Zilin gave a cold smile and was about to say something when Lin Wanwan covered her mouth. “Shut up!”


Lin Wanwan released her hand only after most people had left the classroom.

Liu Zilin glared at her fiercely. “Don’t read too much into it. I’m not protecting you. Don’t expect me to be grateful to you. Hah!”

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and walked back to her seat to pack her things.

The way she dismissed this lightly made Liu Zilin feel that a blow had landed on a cotton pad. She flipped her hair and walked away angrily.

That night, Lin Wanwan received Yu Xi’s call.

“Wanwan, I have to tell you a piece of bad news.”

Lin Wanwan was stunned. “Are we going to stop filming our television drama?”

Ever since she left Yun Mansion that day, Bai Youran seemed to have disappeared from this world and not a single word had been left behind.

Lin Wanwan felt that it might be Lu Zhanbei who had put pressure on the Bai family, which had then led to Bai Youran’s disappearance.

She formed another layer of understanding of Lu Zhanbei’s background. She also understood that once the female lead Bai Youran went on strike, Xing Chen Entertainment, being the largest investor of this television drama, would not continue to support this anymore.

It was a pity she guessed wrongly this time.

“Of course not,” Yu Xi snapped at her then explained, “Xing Chen sent over another female lead to us and even told me to delete some of the female lead’s filming parts and work on improving the relationship between you and Luo Han. Wanwan, I didn’t know that you have such a huge backing. President Bai doesn’t even care about his own daughter anymore. Could it be that you’re his illegitimate daughter?”

When Bai Yiqin personally called and informed him about this, he was stunned.