Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 217

Chapter 217 A Date With The Male God

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"" Wow, such imagination.

Needless to say, it must have been Bai Yourans father whod wanted to use her to get into Lu Zhanbeis good books.

"Even if Im his illegitimate daughter, then between an illegitimate and a legitimate child, who is more important?"

Yu Xi was speechless.

Lin Wanwan asked again, "Since were continuing filming, whats the bad news you were referring to?"

"Bai Yourans gone, so we must retake all the scenes that she was in previously."

Thus, on Friday, Lin Wanwan punctually joined the production team. Once she arrived, she discovered that Luo Han was there too.

Lin Wanwans eyes shone, and she hurriedly greeted him with a bright smile on her face. "Luo Han, thank you for protecting me during the celebration party back then, and also for taking the initiative to clear my name."

Luo Han said plainly, "No problem."

This cold response did not affect Lin Wanwan. She tried again, "Although you have rejected me before, I still hope that you can give me a chance to express my thanks. I want to treat you to a meal."

Luo Han was helpless too. He was a little indulgent when it came to this underage girl.

"If you insist, then ok."

Oh yay!

Lin Wanwan cheered silently in her heart but did not change her facial expression. "Theres no time like the present. How does tonight after work sound?"


"See you tonight then. Ill do my filming!"

Lin Wanwan changed her usual tomboyish ways and walked away with elegant steps. After running halfway, she didnt forget to smile at him sweetly.

Luo Hans lips curved up slightly. She was like a child who hadnt grown up yet.

The new female lead was called Guan Jiaxiao. Her acting was not bad, and she was humble and gentle. Compared to Bai Youran, the difference was huge.

When Lin Wanwan was working with Bai Youran back then, it took a long time before the few acting scenes were completed. This time, it took only a few hours for all of them. Yu Xi was so happy that he was smiling all night long.

As she had to change venues and knocked off earlier today, Lin Wanwan did not return to school. Instead, she booked a table at a hotel with good privacy for dinner.

As she was sending the address to Luo Han, Lu Zhanbeis call suddenly came.

"Ah, if its not something urgent then tell me about it tomorrow. Im a little busy now!"

"Busy with?"


Seeing Lin Wanwan stutter, Lu Zhanbei understood everything immediately. He said in a slightly cold tone, "Busy dating Luo Han?"


Lin Wanwan decided to feign ignorance and not say anything else. What if he had nothing better to do and decided to mess things up?

"Hello? Why is it that I cant hear you anymore? Hello hello hello? The signals not very strong so Ill hang up the call first. Bye~"

Listening to the static noise from the receiver, Lu Zhanbei slammed the mobile down. It made an overbearingly loud noise.

"Gu Mo, prepare the car for me!"

"Yes yes yes"

It was rare for Lu Zhanbei to reveal a dark expression. Gu Mo could not help but repeat silently in his heart,Miss Lin, may God bless you!

Lin Wanwan and Luo Han arranged to meet at the back door of the hotel. Both of them walked in together.

In the reserved room, Luo Han looked at the long table filled with Western food and red wine, then raised his eyebrow.

Lin Wanwan drew back the chair for Luo Han like a gentleman. "Please take a seat."

"Thank you."

Lin Wanwan also sat down and smiled. "I heard that the steaks here are done very authentically. I hope you will like it."

"Yes," Luo Han responded, and it was rare that his eyes flashed a hint of a smile. "Why is it that I feel you have snatched my lines away?"

Generally speaking, these words should be said by the man.

Lin Wanwan waved her hands. "No need to bother with such details."

Furthermore, she was the one pursuing him now. Of course she had to take the initiative.