Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Small Aunt

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Lin Wanwans mind was not into it as she cut her steak. She lifted her head and looked at Luo Han from time to time.

When hit by the light, his long eyelashes reflected two black irises. His hard and cold facial features became much softer too.

Occasionally, when his lips curved into a slight smile, the sight of snow melting and flowers blooming was stunning.

Luo Han unintentionally looked up and saw that Lin Wanwan was practically looking at him while eating her steak. He thought it was ridiculous and asked, "Does my face look delicious?"

Lin Wanwan shamelessly nodded. "Yes, its a beauty to feast my eyes on."

Luo Han shook his head and continued to eat his own food.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not bad, Lin Wanwan took this opportunity to muster her courage. "Luo Han, actually I have something to tell you."

"Say it."

Lin Wanwan put down her cutlery and walked in front of Luo Han. She squatted down and lifted his fair-skinned face lightly. "Actually, I have long recovered from my illness and Im not a fool anymore."

She struggled for a while before deciding to come completely clean with Luo Han.

There were simply too many things to pay attention to when having the identity of a fool. In front of Luo Han, she did not want to put on a mask all the time.

Luo Han did not reveal any look of surprise on his face. He said plainly, "I know. Youve said it before."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She did say it before. However, it seemed that no one had believed her.

"You actually believe me so easily?"

She squatted on the ground with her head tilted to the side and looked extremely like a cute little pet.

Luo Hans cold eyebrows slowly softened. "If you think my reaction is a little abnormal, I can say it again once more."

Perhaps others had always thought that Lin Wanwan was a fool due to their preconceived notion. However, he could tell that she was actually no different from a normal person. At most, she was a little more innocent.

As to why she would occasionally pretend to be a fool, that was her private matter and had nothing to do with him.

Lin Wanwan was speechless for a while and shook her head. "Theres no need to. I just wanted to tell you that since Ive returned to normal, then will there be anyone whod like someone like me? If, Im saying if, I like you, will you accept my pursuit?"

Of course, Luo Han would not have understood the underlying meaning behind Lin Wanwans question. He said as a matter of fact, "I think I have a good eye for people. Youre a good girl, and many people will like you."

"Really?" Lin Wanwan was so excited that her heart started to beat quickly.

"Yes." Luo Han nodded and immediately changed the topic, "But"

"But what?" Lin Wanwan stared at him nervously.

"Youre still young now and not fit to fall in love."


It looked like being young was a double-edged sword. Although she could revisit the youthful path, it was full of limitations when it came to falling in love.

Seeing her face fall, Luo Han suddenly smiled. "However, I can wait."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan burst into joy. Indeed, Luo Han liked her too!

"Really? Youre willing to wait for me to become an adult?"

Luo Han said with a smile, "Of course, Im looking forward to you becoming my small aunt."

Lin Wanwan was totally stunned.Small! Aunt?!

Wait, could Luo Han have misunderstood that she had something going on with Lu Zhanbei?

She was about to explain when she saw Luo Han picking up the wine glass in front of him. "I can tell how Mr. Lu feels about you. I wish you all the best in advance."

From Lu Zhanbei asking him to take care of Lin Wanwan to the day he appeared at the banquet, to his attitude when Lin Wanwan and himself were being rumored together if Luo Han didnt understand this much, it could be said that he had lived in vain.