Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Dont Be Afraid Just Do It

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There were too many turning points in Luo Hans words today. Lin Wanwan felt that her heart could not bear this load any longer.

In a moment of desperation, she could not be bothered to care about so many things anymore. If Luo Han continued to misunderstand her, she need not think of being together with him in this lifetime.

"Listen to me. Actually, Lu Zhanbei and I"

Snap!The lights suddenly went out as Lin Wanwan was speaking halfway.

The room was pitch dark. Lin Wanwan swallowed the remaining half of her words. "Why is there a power outage suddenly?"

It was so pitch black that she could not see Luo Hans face, but she could hear his voice. "Lets go back now."

"Alls good. We can wait. A high-end hotel like this would generally have standby power reserves."

"Thats true."

At the same time, a black Rolls-Royce was parked on a narrow road lined with trees near the hotel.

A man who was sitting rigidly uptight had a laptop placed in between his legs. His slender fingers were swiftly hitting the keyboard.

"Sir!" Gu Mo hurriedly opened the car door and wiped away the thin layer of sweat on his head. "Its all settled!"

After typing rapidly for a while, Lu Zhanbei pressed the Enter key. "Im done too."

As his words fell, the screen that originally displayed the desktop immediately showed a different image.

As it was a night vision camera, although it was pitch black in there, one could still see the scene in the reserved room.

Seeing on the screen that Lin Wanwan was sitting restlessly, Gu Mo smiled. "Too brilliant, to actually think of this trick."

If Lin Wanwan were to know that Sir was messing everything up, she would probably die from depression.

Lu Zhanbeis lips curved into a slight smile. Little girl, trying to fight with him?

Without the atmosphere just now and having the topic interrupted without rhyme or reason, Lin Wanwan could only take out her mobile frequently and look at the time.

More than half an hour had passed but the lights were still out. She couldnt help but start to feel anxious. "Ah why dont I go and buy some candles?"

They could have a romantic candlelight dinner!

Luo Han did not understand why she was so insistent on this meal. "No need to go to such troubles. We can make arrangements again another time."

"No!" Lin Wanwan rejected resolutely and decisively. Her face was stern as she said, "Wait for me. Itll be done soon!"

The fighting spirit was aroused by the first roll of drums, depleted by the second, and exhausted by the third. She had to strike while the iron was hot. Even if she could not get Luo Han, she should at least let him understand how she felt towards him.

"Ok, up to you."

"Then you must wait for me and not leave early."

This ardent tone was like a parent telling a child not to run around. Luo Han thought it was funny and he helplessly agreed.

This scene was clearly witnessed by someone.This damned girl would rather buy candles than to end the dinner?

Lu Zhanbeis body turned extremely cold, and his fingers subconsciously clenched tighter. Even Gu Mo could feel the chill that radiated from his bones, and he subconsciously sat farther away.

Oh no! Once Sir rages, the rhythm of a million corpses would definitely be heard!

Gu Mo thought for a while before mustering his courage and saying weakly, "Actually I have a simple yet violent idea."

"Tell me."

"Dont be afraid, just do it!"

Gu Mo continued his words with a look of self-confidence, "Since you like her, just snatch her away. If shes willing to be with you, then thats a happy ending. If shes not willing, then just imprison her in Yun Mansion. Love will definitely blossom after a long period of time!"

He just didnt understand. Sir had always been skillful and direct. Why did he have to go one big round just to stop Lin Wanwan from dating Luo Han?

Wouldnt it be good if he just rushed in and snatched her away, ending this once and for all?

Lu Zhanbei knew that this method was indeed the easiest. However, based on his understanding of Lin Wanwan, if he really were to do this, even if he could get her body physically, he would push her heart farther and farther away.