Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Lu Zhanbei.. I'm Feeling Terrible

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Lu Zhanbei lit up a cigarette. “Chat about?”

Lin Wanwan thought of a topic that she was interested in. “Do you have someone you like?”

After hearing this, Lu Zhanbei did not make any eye movement. He did not answer and instead asked, “You like me?”

What logic did he follow to come up with such a conclusion?

“You think too much!”

“If that’s the case, who I like has nothing to do with you.” Lu Zhanbei blew out a mouthful of light smoke, concealing the emotions that were revealed between his eyes.

Lin Wanwan was not willing to take that as an answer. She continued, “Then what if I like you?”

Lu Zhanbei gave her a side glance and said with ridicule, “I’m sorry. You’re a good person but we’re not suitable.”


What the hell. She was actually being brushed off after being labeled a good person?

Lin Wanwan felt that if she continued chatting with him, even if she could survive the drug addiction, she would be first angered to death.

However, once everything had quietened down, the madness of wanting to destroy the world immediately swept over her.

“I will not lose!”

She suddenly shouted and jumped off the bed barefooted. She picked up the porcelain teapot on the table and drank a few mouthfuls of cold water directly.

When she realized that she could not calm herself down, she saw a fruit knife from the corner of her eye.

Lin Wanwan reached out without hesitation, but it was taken away by a hand that had stretched from out of nowhere.

“Return it to me!”

Both her eyes were red, and a hint of struggle could be seen in the madness.

“I don’t care what drug this is. In short, nothing can defeat me!”

She pounced, but Lu Zhanbei gave her a full embrace.

“Bear with it for a while longer.”

Lu Zhanbei also knew that she was on the verge of breaking down. Looking at her pale face, his heart ached a little. His long arm firmly held her body while the other hand lightly patted her stiff back. He coaxed her like a child. “Be good. The doctor is coming soon.”

An aromatic herb smell could be detected from his body, which miraculously calmed down Lin Wanwan’s strongly beating heart.

“Lu Zhanbei”

Lin Wanwan had never been in such pain and torment before. She clutched his sleeve tightly and said, “I’m in such misery save me”

At this moment, she even felt that she was better off dead.

A layer of mist started to form in Lin Wanwan’s eyes, but she bit her lip and refused to back down.

This type of innate stubbornness made Lu Zhanbei feel a sense of dj vu. He was stunned for a moment, and an image of a face that, while not extraordinarily beautiful, was pretty enough and also refined flashed in his mind.

“There is a way to help you.”

Knock her out.

“Help me?”

Looking at the handsome face whose expression gradually softened before her, Lin Wanwan was increasingly distracted. The inexplicable thirst in her throat made her subconsciously swallow her saliva.

“I know how you can help me.”

As she finished saying, both her arms wrapped around Lu Zhanbei’s neck, and she kissed that pair of sexy thin lips.

Facing such a sudden and unstoppable kiss, the man who had kept a straight face all along, regardless of the circumstances, was stunned for two seconds, giving Lin Wanwan an opportunity to seize the moment.

Her tongue clumsily peeled open his lips and she awkwardly moved it, turning and tangling with his.

The gentle touch ignited waves of current which flowed through his body.

He almost immediately had an instinctive reaction, but his dark eyes showed displeased fury in an instant.

His stare was cold and like an eagle catching a chick, he lifted Lin Wanwan’s collar and headed to the washroom in big strides.

“What are you doing?” Lin Wanwan tried to struggle. “Let go of me!”