Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Overbearing Lu's God Like Operation

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Gu Mo thought that his suggestion would definitely be adopted. He ended up being hit in the face the next second.

Lu Zhanbei sneered. “Now I know why your girlfriend left you.”

“” Being touched on a sore spot, Gu Mo was unwilling to take this lying down and retaliated. “But if you don’t make a move soon, it’s going to be none of your business then when others see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at the screen, which showed Lin Wanwan pulling open the door. He took out his mobile and dialed a number, then his lips curved up slightly. “Action.”

Gu Mo was confused.Ah, what action?

Besides causing the hotel to have a power outage and breaking into the surveillance cameras, could Sir have done other preparations?

Lin Wanwan turned on the flashlight from the mobile and walked quickly along the corridor.

Suddenly, a rush of noisy footsteps could be heard.

“Who is that?”

Accompanied by a dignified low roar, a strong beam of light from the flashlight shot over and was shone on Lin Wanwan’s face.

“I’m sorry, Miss. There’s a criminal we were escorting who escaped midway. We have chased all the way here, and it’s highly possible that this criminal is now hiding in the hotel. For your own safety, please evacuate immediately to avoid any danger!”

After Lin Wanwan adapted to this strong beam of light, she immediately lifted her head and sized them up.

A team of policemen were wearing helmets, with one hand holding a shield and the other holding a gun. Their expressions were cold and stern.

“Ok, I’ll leave immediately, but I have to notify my friend.”

There was a smile on Lin Wanwan’s face, but she was actually raging in her heart.

What is going on today! First, the power outage. Then, a criminal ran in without rhyme or reason! Can’t I just confess my love properly!

She had no choice but to return to the reserved room and inform Luo Han about this. Although Luo Han was puzzled about this series of coincidences, he expressed understanding.

After the two walked out of the hotel, Luo Han left by car. Lin Wanwan was left standing alone in the cold wind, as lonely as snow.

This scene was similarly displayed clearly on Lu Zhanbei’s laptop screen.

Gu Mo, who watched the entire process from the start to the end, was in a state of disorder.

What the. It could work this way too?

In order to separate them, he actually found a bunch of actors to play the police. Did he have to go to such madness!

Lu Zhanbei calmly took out his mobile and called Lin Wanwan. “Has the date ended?”

“No, I’m wandering outside.”

Hearing Lin Wanwan in a slightly depressed tone, the curvature of Lu Zhanbei’s lips went up slightly. He seemed to be gloating as he said, “You don’t sound too happy. What happened?”

Gu Mo looked at him with contempt.Shedding crocodile tears.

“Ah” Lin Wanwan sighed and said sulkily, “Nothing, small matter.”

“Shall I treat you to desserts to cheer you up?”

Lin Wanwan’s mood finally brightened up a little. “Ok, where are you now?”

Lu Zhanbei did not change his expression and said, “Yun Mansion. Tell me the address. I’ll pick you up.”

Gu Mo’s look of contempt became more obvious. This was the first time he saw Lu Zhanbei lie, and to have said it so matter-of-factly.

“The back door of Venus Hotel.”

“Wait for me for fifteen minutes.”


A quarter of an hour later, Lu Zhanbei’s showy car drove over.

Lin Wanwan pulled open the car door and sat inside. When she was buckling her seatbelt, she noticed Gu Mo’s dreary look. She laughed and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Sensing that Lu Zhanbei was staring at him warningly, Gu Mo forced a smile. “Nothing, just a little dizzy.”

Could he say that it was because his look of contempt was too obvious and Sir had given him a good beating?

“Then rest well after heading back.”

After saying this, Lin Wanwan did not get the chance to greet Lu Zhanbei because her mobile suddenly rang.