Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 222

Chapter 222 Defense Is The Best Offense

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Gu Mo finally found his chance to shine. “I can promise that Mr. Lu had been working at home all this while!”

Lin Wanwan glanced at him and said jokingly, “Did I say that I don’t trust him? Why are you so eager to defend him?”

“” Gu Mo shut his mouth.

If he were to mess up, he would receive a good scolding from Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei kept his calm. “It’s up to you to believe it. I don’t have to explain something this boring to you.”

Lin Wanwan laughed. “Fine. Don’t put that serious face on. Compared to Tang Chen, I clearly have more trust in you!”

Since Lu Zhanbei didn’t want her to be with Luo Han, she did have the suspicion that he took action against it.

However, when Tang Chen said that Lu Zhanbei was in love with her, she knew he was lying.

Why does everyone think that I am in a relationship with Lu Zhanbei? Are we really too close?

Since Lu Zhanbei had already placed his order, desserts were on the table when they reached Golden Sparrow.

Lin Wanwan’s stomach had been growling. She quickly took a bite of the cake and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Lu Zhanbei twirled the glass of wine in his hand and said casually, “Lin Wanwan, I’ve reconsidered the relationship between you and Luo Han.”

Lin Wanwan looked up. “What conclusion did you come up with?”

“I think that you were right. I shouldn’t get involved in your personal affairs; neither should I stop you from dating the man you like.”

Lin Wanwan felt like she had finally made it out of the clouds.

She almost burst into tears as she turned to Lu Zhanbei. “I always knew that you treat me the best. Don’t worry! I’ll never forget about you even after getting together with Luo Han.”

Lu Zhanbei looked away, hiding the hint of displeasure in his eyes. “If you face any problem pursuing your love, come and look for me.”

Lin Wanwan’s lips curved. “Why? Are you a professional at getting guys?”

Lu Zhanbei ignored her mockery. “Man understands its own kind. Things that work on me should work on him as well.”

He took a sip of wine and looked at Lin Wanwan with mysterious eyes. There was a subtle sense of seductiveness in his voice. “I don’t mind being your lab rat. You can try anything on me before using it on Luo Han.”

Lin Wanwan nodded after some consideration. “Sounds good.”

Lu Zhanbei’s smirk was hard to notice. He raised his glass and asked, “So it’s decided?”

Lin Wanwan, not knowing that she had fallen into a trap, raised her glass of juice.


With Lu Zhanbei as her free lab rat, she would definitely find a way to Luo Han’s heart.

The glasses touched, and the pair grinned.

After filling their stomach, the pair made their way back.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at his wristwatch and said in a seemingly careless tone, “It’s late. You can come and stay over at Yun Mansion. I can go to a hotel if you mind my presence.”

Although Lin Wanwan didn’t want to stay at Yun Mansion, she felt terrible refusing the offer.

“Sure. Thank you, boss~”