Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Good Night My Darling

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Lu Zhanbei shook his head with a carefree expression. His lips, however, curved unnoticeably.

Lin Wanwan was dozing off as the car moved at a steady pace.

When they arrived at the main gate, Gu Mo wanted to notify the pair in the back seats about it.


Lu Zhanbei signaled him to remain silent as he carried Lin Wanwan, who was deeply asleep, in his arms.

He shushed the servants while walking into the mansion.

Looking at him carefully making his way to the bedroom, Butler Ying waved at Gu Mo. "Gu Mo, does Sir have feelings for that lady?"

This was the place that Lu Zhanbei lived in, and he had never brought any woman back.

This lady, however, had the right to come and go whenever she wanted.

"Most likely so."

The old gentlemans voice trembled in excitement. "How is she? Is she easygoing? Which family is she from? Whats her job"

"Stop!" Gu Mo couldnt handle it. "You can have the pleasure to ask her in person. I have something on!"

Butler Ying watched as he ran off at top speed. "This young brat."

In the master bedroom on the second floor, Lu Zhanbei placed Lin Wanwan on the bed gently.

Her cheeks had a natural blush, and her pink and moist lips curved slightly as if she was in a sweet, lovely dream.

Lu Zhanbei gazed at her quietly. Various emotions appeared in his sharp eyes.

After a while, he lowered his head. A warm and light kiss landed on Lin Wanwans lips.

He just wanted to taste the scent that he was missing, but the touch of their lips made him lose control.

The endearing smell filled his nostrils, and Lu Zhanbei forced his tongue into her lips. His eyes were spellbound.


An uncomfortable groan escaped her mouth, bringing back the mans consciousness.

He picked himself up but went back for more after staring at her tender lips.

It took him a minute to force himself out of the room after covering Lin Wanwan up cautiously with a blanket.

Under the faint lamplight, her portrait was unbelievably dazzling.

Good night, my darling.

From now on, your contentment is the purpose of my life.

You will be mine. You have to be mine. There is no escape.

The next day, Lu Zhanbei drove Lin Wanwan to the filming studio after having breakfast at the Yun Mansion.

She stared mindlessly at the passing view. "I wonder if Luo Han will be there."

Lu Zhanbeis voice contained no emotion. "Get a grip on yourself. Guys wouldnt like a girl who is too driven."

Lin Wanwan turned to him. "So if I kissed you right now, you wouldnt like it but feel burdened instead?"


No. He would love it.

Lu Zhanbei felt like he shot himself in the foot as he laughed speechlessly.

"Thats right. Do not engage in a conversation until you have a good plan. If you have something on your mind, try it on me first."

Lin Wanwan nodded her head. "Got you."

Up to this point, Lin Wanwan felt like Lu Zhanbei was a somewhat trustworthy consultant.

When she met Luo Han at the studio, she did not rush to him as she used to. Just a simple greeting and off she went