Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 227

Chapter 227 A Very Handsome Young Man

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It was as if Si Han didnt see her indignant eyes, and he continued in an orderly fashion, "As for acting skills when to hide and when to expose them, you should know very well in your heart. After your college entrance examinations, I will arrange for you to become a trainee and send you abroad for training for two months. After the training, you shouldnt have to hide your skills anymore. Any questions?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head. Si Han was always vigorous in his work and made sure it was flawless. He had considered all the aspects well.

"Very good. Then before your college entrance examinations, theres no need for us to meet. If theres anything, keep in contact via mobile. Goodbye."

After saying the last sentence, Si Han dragged his feet up the stairs spinelessly and headed to bed.

Lin Wanwan criticized him harshly in her heart.He is still so unreliable!

"Oh right, remember to take that burden away."


On account that he delivered a piece of good news, Lin Wanwan was prepared to take Ruan Baoer and leave. However, Ruan Baoer refused to budge, and the two of them ended in a deadlock.

Si Han suddenly turned his head back when he walked to the center of the stairs. He half-laughed and raised his eyebrow. "Ruan Baoer, do you want to find out how hard my newly bought feather duster is?"

As he said this, Lin Wanwan felt a blur before her eyes. Ruan Baoer had already run far away like a gust of wind

Lin Wanwan sent her back to the condominium and went to the production teams studio to film.

A few days later, the Silver Deer Movie Festivals official Weibo account released the shortlisted list of awards this time around.

"The Palace" was a hot favorite this time. Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress they were nominated for a lot of awards.

Lin Wanwan was on the list too, and her fans naturally cheered for her.

Fame comes at a price. Lin Wanwan was nominated for two awards as a newbie, and this created some controversy.

Lin Wanwan dismissed it with a laugh. Places where there were people were where she made a living. She could not avoid them, and she could only learn not to see them.

In the afternoon, An Qiao gave her a call and the two of them casually chatted.

"Uncle, can you walk the red carpet together with me that day? If you have other arrangements, then forget it."

After thinking for some time, she decided that An Qiao was the most suitable to be her male companion.

In the eyes of the public, he had scouted her as his talent. It was logical for them to walk the red carpet together without creating any rumors.

"Me?" An Qiao was stunned and hesitated for a while. "I have no issues. Its just that, are you sure you want an old man as your companion?"

Lin Wanwan laughed. "Youre only 35 this year, which is the age of a flower. How are you old?"

"Ok, you have complimented me so well. Its settled then!"


Lin Wanwan hung up the call and returned to the classroom for lessons.

During her night revision, An Qiao gave her a call again and asked if she had time to head out.

Lin Wanwan thought that the matter had something to do with her; thus, she applied for leave from the teacher. She took a taxi to the hot pot restaurant that she and An Qiao had decided on together.

Pushing open the door of the reserved room, she realized that a very handsome young man dressed in a light blue suit was seated inside.

Lin Wanwan was stunned and hurriedly apologized. "Sorry, Ive walked to the wrong place."

She was about to exit the room when she heard the young man making a familiar laugh. "Girl, could it be that you cant recognize me after Ive shaved off my precious beard of more than ten years?"

Oh my this is An Qiao?

Lin Wanwan was shocked!

"Why are you standing like a stone there? Quick, come here and take a seat."

Lin Wanwan dreamily walked over. Looking at that tender face that looked more like a college students opposite her, she still found it incredible.