Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 228

Chapter 228 Lin Wanwans Relationship Was Exposed?

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"Uncle, is that really you?"

An Qiao was obviously satisfied with her performance. He subconsciously wanted to touch his beard but touched an empty space instead. He was not used to it and coughed once.

"In order not to let the media say that we are beauty and the beast, I deliberately shaved off my precious beard of many years. How is it? I wont embarrass you, right?"

Lin Wanwan gave a big thumbs up and signaled a "like." "Thats a lot of face youre giving!"

The years she and An Qiao had known each other were not few. This was the first time she realized that such a face was hidden under his big and rough beard.

Although he wasnt exceptionally handsome, he had refined features and was fair-skinned. He totally didnt look like a 35-year-old rugged man.


Lin Wanwan smiled as well. "Its better if you keep a beard in the future."


"You already look like a conman when you were picking up people on the streets in the past. If you show this kind of face in public, nobody would believe that you are a famous director."

An Qiao was speechless.

Both of them laughed for a while and started eating hot pot.

As An Qiao rinsed the beef in the spicy pot, he greeted Lin Wanwan with enthusiasm. "Although the scale of this shop is not big and the decorations are average-looking, this shop has a history of over a hundred years. The soup broth is fantastic. I have eaten at so many hot pot restaurants but still find that the taste here is the best."

Lin Wanwan tried a piece of meat and made a sound of agreement, "Delicious!"

"Eat more. Its my treat."

"I wont be polite with you then!"

Both of them ate for two hours before they were satisfied and were ready to leave.

Lin Wanwan opened the door of the reserved room. At this moment, a person ran past in a hurry and knocked her with his shoulder. Fortunately, An Qiao was sharp-eyed and agile enough to help her.

"Be careful."

"No worries, no worries. Its getting late. Lets go."

Lin Wanwan pulled up her scarf higher to cover half of her face and left together with An Qiao.

They did not realize that a sneaky fellow on the right side of the corridor was using the potted plants to hide himself from view. He raised the camera in his hands, aimed it at the back view of the two, and started to furiously snap away.

An Qiao left after sending her to the school gate. Lin Wanwan returned to the hostel alone to sleep.

After waking up, she habitually refreshed the trending news in the entertainment circle and saw a piece of ridiculous news.

Newbie actress Lin Wanwan met mysterious man at night. Suspected underground relationship is exposed. Its actually him!

Lin Wanwan had dinner with a man, and they were behaving intimately.

There were a few photos underneath the caption.

One was of An Qiao holding her. Another was of An Qiao opening the car door for her. There was also one that captured the back view of the two leaving the hot pot restaurant together.

Lin Wanwan wanted to laugh. It looked like she wasnt the only one with bad eyesight.

Compared to Lin Wanwans calmness, the netizens on Weibo were having a heated discussion.

Dont you find Lin Wanwans private life very messy? First, there was young Tang. Then, there was a blue-blooded man. Now, a new relationship has been exposed. Even if we dont know if this is true or false, it can be seen that the relationship between the two is not simple from their actions.

Shes still underage but already straddling so many boats? Me and other singles admire her. Admire!

Such a person can become a public figure too. Isnt anyone afraid that her actions will teach children wrongly?

I say, some people, dont say grapes are sour when you cant eat them. Firstly, Lin Wanwan is single. Who she wants to fall in love with is her freedom. Secondly, a celebrity is human too. What business is it of yours if her relationship is richer than others? Worrying for nothing!