Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Making Good Use Of Waste Material

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In the dimly lit car, Lin Wanwan didnt notice the gentleness in his eyes and casually replied, "Yes, yes, yes. I do, I do, I do!"

One look at the answer and it was obvious this was said mindlessly.

Lu Zhanbei shook his head slightly and continued to find topics to talk about as if nothing happened. "How did you and An Qiao get on the news together? I admire the both of you."

Lin Wanwans small mouth widened in surprise. "How did you know that was An Qiao?"

"I could tell by just one look."

"" Then why didnt she recognize him then? Could it be that she was really blind?

"He looked for me to have a meal together that day. Before that, I invited him to walk the red carpet together. He did a new style and wanted me to take a look," Lin Wanwan said truthfully.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly. "You invited him?"

"Yes. Is there a problem?"

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his lips lightly and said, "No."

Gu Mo, who was seated in the front row eavesdropping, nearly laughed out loud.

Of course there is. Someone initially wanted to volunteer himself for that!

Lu Zhanbei said, "Have you prepared your clothes?"

Lin Wanwan held her chin with both hands. She smiled and looked at him, "Youre not thinking of sponsoring me, right?"

A glimmer of light from Lu Zhanbeis eyes disappeared, and he said plainly, "Its just a by-the-way. Yun Mansion has raised a styling team. The cost of using them a year is ten million regardless if you use them once or a hundred times. Might as well let them do something so that they dont feel bored."

Ten ten million?

Compared to Lin Wanwans shock, Gu Mo silently rolled his eyes in his heart. This was such a mindless excuse.

"Is it too late if I hug your thigh now?"

Seeing her look of sincerity, Lu Zhanbei suddenly stretched out his long arm and held her tightly against him.

Lin Wanwan was stunned and was about to struggle when his gentle voice sounded next to her ear, "Is this hug ok?"

Why did she have to hug his thigh? As long as she was willing, he was hers.

Lin Wanwan was embarrassed too. Lu Zhanbei did not understand online buzzwords. She forgot to break free for a moment and weakly explained, "Ah actually, hugging your thigh doesnt mean to hug. I just want you to back me up."

Lu Zhanbei looked as if he was in deep thoughts and seriously considering her words. Lin Wanwan didnt think it was right to interrupt him, and she could only let him hug her while feeling depressed.

Finally, Lu Zhanbei seemed to have recovered himself and released her. "I have understood wrongly."

"Its ok, its ok."

Lin Wanwan shook her head. As she felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward, she hurriedly changed the topic. "You dont have to worry about my styling. I conned a gown from Si Han the other time and could just wear it again this time around."

Lu Zhanbei seemed confused. "A gown can be worn twice?"


Oh, why not! Not everyone was as wealthy as him and could squander at will, alright!

Lu Zhanbei saw her roll her eyes and thought that she was embarrassed to accept his kindness as it hit a sore spot that she lacked money.

"My designer friend sent me a few gowns previously and asked me to give them away. I dont know a lot of women, and its a waste to just keep them. Why dont I give you one?"

He paused for a moment before adding another sentence, "Its not considered expensive. Just treat it as making good use of waste material."

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to refuse him, but could neither laugh nor cry now.

He was sending a piece of "waste" to someone. Was this really good?

Lin Wanwan knew that whatever came from Lu Zhanbei would definitely not be some ordinary goods. However, seeing that he was trying all ways to make her accept his kindness, she smiled happily. "Ok, I wont be polite then. Oh, on another note, you should really change your way of speaking. If not, it will always be difficult for you to pursue the girl you like."