Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Youre Beautiful Tonight

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Lu Zhanbei focused his gaze on her and posed a look of his willingness to listen to advice. "How should I change?"

"All girls like to listen to beautiful words."

Lu Zhanbei thought to himself for a while. He suddenly shifted his body over and supported himself with an arm placed by her side.

"Lin Wanwan."

He was suddenly near, and that flawless face was clearly reflected in Lin Wanwans eyes.

An aromatic herb smell brushed against her face. Lin Wanwan even suspected that he might give her a kiss the next second

She wanted to move back, but the back of the chair was behind her, and she had no way of moving back. She could only lift her slightly blushing face and ask with her eyes moving swiftly, "Ah, yeah? What?"

"Youre beautiful tonight."

His gazing eyes were full of affection. Lin Wanwan panicked and her ears started to turn red. She could only try her best to remain calm and say, "That is, Im beautiful everyday!"

As her facial features were more delicate with her face flushed red, Lu Zhanbei looked at her deep in the eyes and lowered his head. His beautiful thin lips brushed past the corner of her lips and stopped next to her ears. His voice was seductively hoarse.

"Yes, you look the most beautiful when youre not wearing any clothes."

Lin Wanwan had not recovered herself from the shock yet. Hearing these words, her eyes instantly widened.

This gangster, she was still underage!


Lin Wanwan was exasperated and wanted to scold him. However, Lu Zhanbei sat up straight and recovered his usual elegance. He asked seriously, "Based on my performance just now, if you were her, would you like it?"

"" Lin Wanwan understood it now. Lu Zhanbei was experimenting on her!

Its fine to experiment, but why did he have to take advantage of her!

Looking the most beautiful when not wearing any clothes? If he really said this to a girl, it would be weird if she didnt throw him a punch!

Lin Wanwan glared at him with accusatory looks. Lu Zhanbei had a look of innocence, as if he did not know what he did wrong.

She could only turn her head away in a depressed mood. She missed seeing the curvature of the mans lips going up.

It was good there was a reaction. With enough patience and by taking it step by step, this little wild cat would be willing to fall in one of these days.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed a glimmer of imperativeness. "Lin Wanwan, have you prepared the accessories that would match the gown?"

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to ignore him. However, thinking of how good hed been to her in the past, she replied without any backbone, "I plan to buy them myself this weekend."

She had already accepted his gown and could not ask for more. After all, regardless how expensive a gown might be, it could not compare to accessories that cost millions.

Lu Zhanbei understood what she meant and he rubbed his thin lips lightly. People familiar with him would know that this was a sign of his dissatisfaction.

"Do you have enough money?"

Was he belittling her again?

Lin Wanwan recalled the incident just now and still felt a little unhappy over it. She gave him a side glance and half-laughed. "Of course not. As my financier, shouldnt you lend more support?"

Lu Zhanbei felt that way strongly. "How much do you want?"

"The more the merrier."

Lu Zhanbei took out a stack of paper from the cars secret compartment. "This is for you. You can write in them however you like."

"What is this?" Lin Wanwan received it from him and slowly opened her mouth in shock.

This stack was all blank checks. Based on a conservative estimate, there was a hundred of such checks!

According to the instructions on the back of the check, there was no limit to the amount that could be written!

How could this be? However rich Lu Zhanbei might be, he couldnt possibly throw a hundred limitless blank checks at her like he was throwing cabbage, right?

If it was just one check, she would have believed it.

"These are all fake, right?" She looked carefully at the format of the check. "Were they printed in the same batch as the real ones? It looks like it."

Indeed, an expert in the world of pretense.