Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 232

Chapter 232 A Hundred Billion Yuan Was Exchanged For A Beautys Doubt

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Upon hearing this, Gu Mo silently closed his eyes.

For most people, it was difficult to buy a beautys smile using a thousand taels of gold. For Sir, a hundred billion yuan was exchanged for a beautys doubt.

Was their boss a person of such low standards?

Fake checks to think Lin Wanwan could come up with this.

Gu Mo thought that Lu Zhanbei would defend himself, give this bumpkin a good lesson, and let her understand that it was poverty that had limited her imagination.

Whod have thought that Lu Zhanbei would not make any comment and just raised his eyebrow. "Take it. If theres nothing else for you to do, you can fold a paper airplane. Its not bad if you use it as draft paper during class too."


Gu Mo wanted to faint as well. If these checks were exchanged for money, it would be enough to buy several beautiful islands.

Sir was letting her use them as draft paper. What a reckless waste of resources!

Lin Wanwan was elated. Indeed, they were fake. She stuffed them in her bag. "Ok. Just nice, I would need some draft paper when I do my questions too."

Seeing that she accepted them, a hint of victory flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "Its very late. Go home and sleep."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders. "Ill make a move first then. Goodnight!"


As he watched Lin Wanwan disappear into the night, the smile on Lu Zhanbeis face disappeared bit by bit, and his face became cold again.

His slender fingertips pinched his eyebrows, squeezing out the tiredness. "Arrange for the plane to country F immediately. Dont let Tianrui International wait too long."


As Gu Mo started the car, he criticized silently in his heart.

The itinerary for this trip had been set. Whod have known that once Sir saw the rumor, he would immediately leave a huge bunch of people behind and return to the country?

This was a major contract. However, in his eyes, it probably could not compare to a single strand of Lin Wanwans hair.

The rumor between Lin Wanwan and An Qiao hit a small climax as neither of them stood up to clarify matters.

Following the arrival of the Silver Deer Movie Festival, the focus gradually shifted. For instance, what kind of outfits would be worn by the actors and actresses on the red carpet, which brand sponsors would be obtained, and what methods would be adopted to attract attention.

Besides the award winners, the red carpet could be considered the most focused-upon event.

Speaking of the red carpet, Meng Lu actually deliberately exposed herself in order to attract attention last year. Too bad that even though she exposed her 36D breasts, the limelight was still on Su Maner. Hahaha.

After all, Su Maner is the last virgin in the entertainment circle. With her deep background, which media would dare to not give her coverage?

Su Maner endorsed Bunny-lulu, the largest international womens wear brand, in the Asian region this year. I heard that the chief designer personally designed an outfit for Su Maner this year. So much face was given!

Oh right, Lin Wanwans shortlisted this time too.

Lin Wanwan forget about those internationally renowned brands. Even domestic first-line brands did not approach her for endorsement. Her boyfriends so poor that he could only treat her to hotpot. She might just wear a good imitation outfit to casually sneak past.

Haha, the previous commenter, youre too vicious!

Although Lin Wanwan didnt see these discussions, she could imagine them too. After all, celebrities clothing had always been a hot topic among the media and fans.

She was just a slightly famous newbie now and shouldnt seek the limelight.

Lu Zhanbei had already sponsored the gown. As for accessories, they shouldnt be too normal or expensive. Somewhere in the middle would be good.

During the weekend, Lin Wanwan borrowed a sum of money from An Qiao to go to Jewelery City. She initially did not want to come here. After all, this was one of the best places in Imperial Capital, and everything in there cost at least one million yuan each.

However, Lin Xiao used to come here and shop. She could not help but want to see the new products. Even if she couldnt afford them, an eye-opener would be good too.