Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 233

Chapter 233 An Undeserved Catastrophe 1

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A female salesperson in a cheongsam smiled and greeted her, "I dont know what type of accessories youre interested to buy. Do you need me to make some recommendations?"

"No need, Ill take a look myself first."

"Ok, this way please."

The bulletproof cabinets had a superb collection of accessories made from various materials.

Emerald, agate, diamonds under the glistening lights, they were dazzling. It could not be helped that people were fickle-minded and just wanted to pack all of these away.

Lin Wanwan leisurely strolled around. After looking around, she finally came to the front of the first row of cabinets.

The things here were the treasures of this shop. Not only were they of higher quality, their designs were more sophisticated too.

Of course, the price was at least ten times more expensive than the rest.

Lin Wanwan took turns to look at every item. In the end, a diamond necklace attracted her attention.

She had seen plenty of diamonds, but it was rare to see blue, pink, and red ones. This necklace had all three colors of diamonds combined into one. Although it didnt have a huge carat, it formed a triangular shape where the brilliance shone. It was dazzling.

Lin Wanwan wanted to observe it a little longer and was considering to buy it when an elbow suddenly reached out horizontally out of nowhere and gave her a fierce push.

"Go away. You cant afford it anyway. Why are you looking then!"

Unprepared for this, Lin Wanwan staggered from the impact, and the big sunglasses on her face were almost knocked off.

She frowned and looked at the woman with an arrogant face opposite her.

Oh, they were in the same industry.

One look and Lin Wanwan could recognize that this was Xia Yili. She was a newbie actress who entered the entertainment circle around the same time she did.

They were both the same, belonging to the luckier ones.

Xia Yili also made a big hit with a movie and was similarly nominated as one of the best newbies in this years Silver Deer Movie Festival.

Lin Wanwan pulled her scarf up higher and stepped back in good temper.

At this critical moment, she did not want to create any public discussion.

Seeing that Lin Wanwan showed weakness, Xia Yili snorted arrogantly. She took out her mobile and snapped a photo of that necklace. Then, she sent a Weibo message.

Xia Yili:I would like to consult everyone. Would I look pretty wearing this necklace?

Lin Wanwan inadvertently saw a glimpse of the content she sent.

Xia Yilis Weibo fans were all very supportive and could not wait to praise her to the skies.

Looking at these comments, she could not hide the smug look on her face. She kept her mobile and saw that Lin Wanwan was appreciating other accessories not too far away. She pouted with a look of disdain.

After that, she used an almighty and superior gesture and looked at the salesperson opposite her. At the same time, she handed over a credit card.

"Wrap this necklace up for me. Im paying by card."

"Ok, please wait for a moment."

The salesperson didnt wrap the necklace up immediately. Instead, she received Xia Yilis card and swiped it lightly on the machine.

Xia Yili felt a little irritated and was about to rush her when the salesperson smiled and said, "Im sorry, Miss. Theres not enough balance on this card."


At that moment, Xia Yili stood there stiffly, and her face with delicate makeup was flushed red.

After a long while, she said incredulously, "Impossible, theres over eight million yuan in my card!"

"This tricolor diamond necklace is worth 25 million yuan." After explaining in a soft voice, the salesperson asked, "Do you have another card?"

Xia Yilis look of embarrassment changed rapidly. She did not say anything for a long period of time.

In the end, she angrily stomped her feet, pointed at the salesperson, and started scolding, "Its just an ordinary diamond necklace and the asking price is as high as heaven. Even a lion with its mouth wide open would not be that overboard. Could it be that this is a black shop?"