Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 234

Chapter 234 An Undeserved Catastrophe 2

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Lin Wanwan silently shook her head. Not being able to afford it was not something shameful. She was afraid the words she said were about to cause trouble.


The salesperson’s smiling face fell in an instant. She stretched out her hand, gestured a “please,” and said, “We don’t welcome you here. Please leave. If you don’t, we will call the police!”

Being ordered to leave, Xia Yili’s face flushed red. She flung her hair, turned around, and left.

“Who cares! Even if eight cars were to invite me here in the future, I will never visit this black shop again!”

As she walked past Lin Wanwan, Xia Yili felt that she was being seen as a joke and decided to vent all her anger on her.

When Lin Wanwan was focused on appreciating the jewelry, she pretended to slip and knocked fiercely into her!

Seeing that she was about to fall, Lin Wanwan reacted quickly and grabbed onto the leg of the counter.

However, because of this movement, the sunglasses on her face fell to the ground.


The lens was shattered into pieces. Even one end of the spectacle leg was broken.

Half of Xia Yili’s anger immediately dissipated. She walked over and apologized hypocritically, “Sorry, I”

This time, she saw Lin Wanwan’s face and her eyes could not help but widen. “It’s you?”

Both of them were nominated for the Best Newbie Award. She would naturally have an understanding of Lin Wanwan, her competitor.

Xia Yili’s voice was very loud and immediately attracted the attention of a number of people present.

Being embroiled in an undeserved catastrophe for no reason, Lin Wanwan felt helpless too.

“Ms. Xia, hello.”

Xia Yili recovered herself and immediately gave a cold smile. She had long found Lin Wanwan to be not pleasing to the eye.

Both of them were newbies, but she was crushed under Lin Wanwan. Regardless of the role both of them played or in terms of being the subject of a topic, she was worse off by a little.

New and old hatred surged up together. Xia Yili was not in a hurry to leave either. She wrapped both hands around her chest and smiled with sarcasm.

“You’re here to buy accessories too? On account that we’re from the same industry, I’ll give you a gentle reminder. If you don’t have the money, don’t pretend to be extravagant. I’m not looking down on you, but which of the items here can you afford? Or are you planning to let that poor boyfriend of yours foot the bill?”

In the face of ridicule, Lin Wanwan did not show any anger. Instead, she asked with a look of confusion, “I didn’t say I’m going to buy. Are there any rules stated that I’m not allowed to shop here?”

Without waiting for Xia Yili to refute, the salesperson smiled and said, “Of course not. We welcome anyone who is a quality guest.”

Xia Yili’s face changed and she clenched her teeth tightly.

Lin Wanwan smiled and planned to leave. However, Xia Yili, who was not willing to take this lying down, blocked her way.

“Lin Wanwan, I can tell that you like that tricolor diamond necklace too. Why not buy it? If not, you won’t have any presentable accessories when walking on the red carpet. You can’t possibly not wear any accessories there, right? That’s too disrespectful towards Silver Deer. If you can’t afford it, I still have a number of outdated accessories that I can give you!”

She looked arrogant, and her tone was that of someone giving alms. She was obviously trying to find back the sense of superiority that she lost from Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and fought back the urge to hit her. “Ok.”

Xia Yili thought that Lin Wanwan accepted her act of charity and looked even more disdainful. She was about to speak when she saw Lin Wanwan hand a credit card over to the salesperson.

“I’ll buy it.”

Xia Yili’s expression stiffened, and she gave a cold smile. “Stop pretending. It’s over 20 million yuan. Can you afford it?”