Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 236

Chapter 236 A Beautiful Turnaround 2

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Seeing that the onlookers were all looking towards their side, Xia Yili continued to ridicule her.

"There should be a limit to lying. Is a limitless check someone like you can display out? Youre so silly that it makes me nauseous!"

Playing this trick of a thief crying "stop thief" was really something.

This time, even the salesperson who had a good impression of Lin Wanwan previously could not help but frown.

Facing the looks of disdain from the public, Lin Wanwan said, "Dont spout nonsense when you have no evidence."

"Oh." Xia Yili refused to yield. "Ill say it now then. If yours is a real check, Ill eat it immediately!"

Lin Wanwan wanted to rebut but realized that she couldnt reveal too much now. She stated her grievances, "If you dont believe me, you can find someone to verify it."

Such professionals could not be found in a short period of time. She could find Lu Zhanbei for help during this period, making fake things real.

"Let me take a look."

At this moment, a wealthy-looking woman who was dressed fashionably walked out.

She glanced at Lin Wanwan and said plainly, "Im the Deputy President of The First Bank. Only the President and I have the authority to issue such checks. We will know if its real or fake after I check it."


Lin Wanwan was stunned. Did she have to be so unlucky!

All her lifes cleverness was ruined. She should really not have taken out the fake check and put on a false front

As Lin Wanwan thought about how to solve this problem, she displayed an unwavering look as Xia Yili handed the check over to that Deputy President.

As if she sensed her look of perturbation, the curvature of Xia Yilis lips went up even higher.

"Such an embarrassment to the people in our industry. After this lie is exposed, you better obediently leave the entertainment circle. If not"

She snorted, "Dont blame me for not showing mercy when I reveal your true colors in front of everyone!"

If this incident were to be exposed, Lin Wanwans reputation and likability would be ruined. She could not only get back at her but also eliminate a competitor. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Xia Yili gleefully looked at that Deputy President. "Still not done yet?"

She leisurely walked over but realized that the Deputy Presidents face was both anxious and doubtful. She should have already verified that the check was fake but was too embarrassed to say so.

"I have said before that it must be fake. She is not a rich person herself. Her boyfriend is a poor miser. How is it possible"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, the Deputy President interrupted, "No, this is real!"


The people who were waiting for a show were stunned. They sucked in a breath of air.

The smile on Xia Yilis face froze. The corner of her lips still maintained the upward curvature, which seemed a little funny now.

Lin Wanwan was shocked too.

This was actually real? Oh my god!


After a while, Xia Yili grabbed the Deputy Presidents arm. She looked incredulous and was a little incoherent.

"You must have seen wrongly. Look at it again. How can this be real? Its impossible for Lin Wanwan to own such checks!"

There were still so many pieces of it. Who would believe it? Who dared to believe it?

A few people silently nodded.

The Deputy President frowned and flung Xia Yilis hand away. "How could I be lying? This check was indeed issued by our bank. The President and I even personally delivered them to that person."

To be honest, the Deputy President was quite shocked too.

There was only one person in the country who could currently issue more than a hundred of such checks at once.

She remembered very clearly that this was Mr. Lu Zhanbei.