Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 237

Chapter 237 A Beautiful Turnaround 3

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Xia Yili lost her balance after being hit by the Deputy President’s high heel and fell to the ground.

She was completely stunned. As she thought about how she had mocked Lin Wanwan previously, her heart beat faster and there was a buzzing sound in her head. Her face turned pale, without color.

Everyone looked at one another and saw the shock from each other’s eyes.

If they had not witnessed this personally, they would definitely not have believed it.

Xia Yili screamed incredulously and broke the surrounding silence.

“Why didn’t you tell me that the check was real! Did you deliberately want to make me look like a joke?”

Lin Wanwan had on a look of innocence.

She only just found out about it too, alright? Furthermore, she had previously just tried her luck and expressed that this was real too.

Who knew that Lu Zhanbei had such madness in him and actually threw the bunch of limitless checks at her like he was throwing cabbage

Damn, she nearly used it as draft paper yesterday!

“Miss, I’ll return the check to you.”

The Deputy President walked over and started to use formalities. She held the check in front of Lin Wanwan with both hands. Her respect to Lin Wanwan could be seen from her every action and word.

“Thank you.” Lin Wanwan pretended to be calm and continued smiling. She handed the check to the stunned salesperson. “Please fill in the numbers yourself.”

“Ah. Oh. Yes!”

The salesperson recovered herself. The way she looked at Lin Wanwan was like she was looking at a learned, erudite person.

She carefully filled in the numbers on the check. The finance team then went to the bank to do the business transaction.

After everything was done smoothly, she packaged the necklace neatly in an exquisite wrapper and handed it over with the membership card to Lin Wanwan.

“Miss, this is the item you’ve bought. On behalf of Jewelery City, I’ll give you the highest level diamond membership card.”

If she still did not understand now that Lin Wanwan had powerful connections, she had stayed six years here for nothing.

Lin Wanwan was surprised too. She used to spend 30 to 40 million yuan here but only obtained a platinum membership card.

It could be seen that power was indeed scary.

“Thank you.”

She might as well take it. Lin Wanwan received it and was about to leave.

As she walked past Xia Yili, she came to a halt and smiled, “Ms. Xia, that check is very precious. I won’t let you eat it. Now you should know that I wasn’t lying, right? I really have a lot of money.”

After saying this, she walked out with a smile, concealing her talent well.

She had succeeded.

Xia Yili, who was seated on the ground, looked at Lin Wanwan as she left. She was so full of hatred that she nearly squeezed blood out from her palms!

When she heard the whisperings all around her, she could not wait to find a hole to drill in!

“This woman is really funny. She initially thought that she had found a soft persimmon that she could pinch. In the end, she hit an iron plate.”

These people seemed to have forgotten that they had looked down on Lin Wanwan previously too, and instantly transformed into people upholding justice.

“Who said it wasn’t? She just said it was a fake check, as if she had seen a real one before.”

“If she harbored evil intentions, then she deserves to end up like this!”

Every dog has its day.

Xia Yili finally had a taste of how Lin Wanwan felt when she was being attacked by the public previously. She could not listen to it anymore and quickly climbed up from the ground. She covered her face and stumbled out.

Only after she ran into her Porsche did she slam the steering wheel and had a ferocious expression on her face.

“Lin Wanwan! You wait and see!”

Once Lin Wanwan returned to the hostel, she gave Lu Zhanbei a call.

“Is anything the matter?” Lu Zhanbei’s low voice softened as she’d taken the initiative to contact him.