Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 239

Chapter 239 When Lu Zhanbei Went Casual He Was Really Not Human Like


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Approximately half an hour later, An Qiao called to say he would arrive within fifteen minutes.

“Oh no!” Time was running out.

Thankfully, Lin Wanwan had always considered and taken all precautions. She had already brought along the gown she purchased previously before coming over.

Although it was not too expensive, she used her embroidery skills and added a pattern to it. She also shortened the length of the dress, ensuring that it was the only one of its kind.

Lin Wanwan was about to enter the bedroom and change to that when the doorbell rang.

Ding dong!

Lin Wanwan opened the door. When she saw Gu Mo standing outside, she raised her eyebrow.

Gu Mo walked in as if familiar with the place. As he placed two exquisite gift boxes on the table, he complained while sweating all over.

“This condominium is really secluded. I spent some time looking for it so there was some delay. Sorry about that. Have you been waiting for long?”

“No worries, you’re still in time.” Lin Wanwan smiled with understanding and picked up the two boxes. “I’ll get changing then.”


Gu Mo was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something. He scratched his head apologetically.

“Sir wanted me to tell you that the clothes might have been done a little casually as they were done in a hurry. Hope you don’t mind.”

Done in a hurry?

Didn’t Lu Zhanbei say before that the gowns were sent to him by a designer friend?

Now, it seemed that they were customized for her.

“Let me take a look!” Ruan Baoer walked over and opened the boxes with interest.

There was a gown in the first box and a pair of high heels in the second.

Ruan Baoer took out the gown and shook it lightly. In that moment, it dazzled.

“Oh, that’s really ‘casual’!”

Ruan Baoer was afraid that the dazzle would blind her eyes. She hurriedly folded the gown and placed it back in the box. She tapped Lin Wanwan by the shoulder, saw her stunned look, and could not help but snicker.

“With this, you can’t keep a low profile even if you want to. Quickly change into it and let me see how you’ll surpass the rest today!”


Lin Wanwan held her head and laughed bitterly. This was his so-called casual?

She only wanted to say that when Lu Zhanbei went casual, he was really not human-like!

At the same time, a few passages were open to the red carpet of Silver Deer Movie Festival. The reporters who had long camped outside and the fans who managed to buy tickets immediately rushed in to snatch the best viewing spots.

As everyone was earnestly being expectant, melodious music sounded. The first to walk out was the chairman of Silver Deer’s judging panel, Mr. Zhou Tianhou, an old and highly respected artist.

Next, celebrities appeared one after another.

As their idols appeared, fans on both sides of the red carpet waved the glow sticks in their hands and shouted their names passionately.

The atmosphere of excitement reached its peak with Luo Han’s appearance.

“Luo Han, Luo Han, Luo Han!”

“Luo Han, I love you. I want to give birth to your child!”

“Luo Han, look at me. I’m here!”

This moment’s cheers were so shocking that a few reporters subconsciously covered their ears. As they snapped photos of Luo Han on the red carpet, they communicated with their peers.

“Luo Han’s popularity has grown higher and higher in recent years. The Silver Deer Most Famous Actor award must be his this time round. I heard he has plans to enter the international arena this year?”

“I learned something through the grapevine. He seemed to have obtained the second male lead role for a big Hollywood production!”

“He’s indeed the most famous actor in our country!”

Luo Han did not stop on the red carpet. He left after doing a simple wave of his hand and some signatures, leaving the female fans disappointed.

Not long later, there was a commotion from the crowd again.