Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Oh God What Nonsense Is She Uttering

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“Oh?” Lu Zhanbei curved his lips, but he did not say if he believed her words or not.

Lin Wanwan was also mentally tired.

It had only been a couple of days, but she was already seen through by two men.

Because she could not stand the oppressive atmosphere in the house, Lin Wanwan tried to take the initiative.

“Even if you didn’t do anything to me, you have seen me fully naked. You have to take responsibility!”

Take responsibility?

Lu Zhanbei stood up and walked to the front of the bed. Under Lin Wanwan’s questioning gaze, he started to strip.

Lin Wanwan thought he was being lame. “Hey, hey, what are you doing again?”

Lu Zhanbei calmly replied, “You can see me fully naked too.”

“”Oh my, is he for real?

Seeing Lu Zhanbei had already taken off his suit jacket and was slowly unbuttoning his shirt, Lin Wanwan’s cheeks started to be stained red. However, she forced herself to be calm and did not divert her gaze.

She would just look! She would not be at a disadvantage anyway.

Lu Zhanbei unbuttoned his shirt but did not remove it. This made Lin Wanwan sigh with some regrets, and she continued to fix her gaze on him as he calmly continued to remove his belt.

That slender finger unzipped his trousers, and a dark gray fabric was revealed.

Finally, Lin Wanwan could not take it anymore.

“Stop!” she blurted out. “I don’t want to see your key pouch!”

After saying this, she regretted it immediately.

Oh God, what nonsense was she uttering!

Lu Zhanbei froze in his movements. It was obvious that he had also recalled the incident that happened on the helicopter.

Seeing the tips of her ears turn red, he could not help but raise an eyebrow. He was about to speak


Lin Wanwan’s eyeballs turned white and she ‘fainted’.

Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

With such acting skills, it was a pity she was not going to develop them in the entertainment circle.

Lu Zhanbei did not continue teasing her. He put on his clothes again and headed to the direction of the door.

“Don’t forget, today is the day you attend school. There are also some tranquilizers on the table, remember to take them with you. Also, you’re left with only one promise from me.”

After saying these words, he left.

When she heard the sound of the door closing, Lin Wanwan opened her eyes. There was indeed a white bag on the table.

Sigh.She could not help but let out a breath.

It was not easy for her to finally improve her situation by a bit. Who would have expected that she would now be addicted to a drug?

That dreaded Tao Xinyue!

One of these days

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes, suppressed the anger within her, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom.

After Lu Zhanbei got into the car, he remembered that he had forgotten to speak to Lin Wanwan about something. Calling her personally would be degrading himself, thus he told Gu Mo, “Remember to let her know that alcohol will lead to her drug addiction acting up. Before she could kick away this addiction, don’t let her come into contact with any alcohol.”

Gu Mo signaled an ok. “No problem!”

The sky was displaying the colors of dawn when Lin Wanwan left the hotel. There were already a few students walking around the gate of Imperial Capital High School.

A discussion was happening in the Year 3 Class 5 classroom.

“Have you heard? The second female lead in An Qiao’s new movie ‘The Palace’ has been decided. It seems to be a newbie called Lin Wanwan.”

“Lin Wanwan? Teacher said yesterday that our class will have a new transfer student. I think she’s called Lin Wanwan too?”

“Hearing this name, I thought of the fangirl at Luo Han’s movie conference. Could it be the same person?”

“Impossible. How can a fool be in Year 3? Don’t daydream!”

The students were in a heated discussion when they suddenly heard familiar footsteps.

“Ssh, the teacher’s here!” The classroom quietened down in an instant.

Under the watchful gaze of over ten pairs of eyes, a young female teacher in an appropriate office lady outfit walked in. Behind her was a girl.