Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 240

Chapter 240 A Competition For Beauty Of Looks

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"Quick, look! Meng Lus here!"

"Ill bet a packet of spicy strips that Meng Lu will pretend to accidentally expose her breasts again!"

Indeed, Meng Lu, who was wearing a sexy halter red gown, seemed to have accidentally stepped on air. Her body shook for a moment, and the low-cut gown slipped a little. Pink pasties were faintly visible.

This scene was really attracting attention, but not many people were attracted.

Because, Su Maner was here.

"Wow! Female goddess!"

The entire scene was in an uproar again.

The media aimed the cameras at Su Maner, who had appeared elegantly. "Did the organizer do this intentionally? Why was it arranged for Su Maner to appear after Meng Lu again this year? Isnt this deliberately causing Meng Lu embarrassment?"

"Her gown is so pretty, and its even designed by Xia Guofeng. This is indeed the work of Bunny-lulus chief designer!"

"Looks like the limelights going to be stolen by Su Maner alone today. It feels like everyone else is just serving as her contrast. Thats pitiful too."

It was not only the reporters that thought so. Su Maners fans felt honored too.

As they waved their fluorescent cards around, they shouted her name loudly.

Amidst the commotion, a few ladies looked on, their faces full of expectation. "The one thats appearing next should be Ball right?"

"Should be. There arent many of her supporters here this time. We have to shout louder later so that others wont belittle us. Understand?"

"We will!"

Their whisperings still attracted the attention of other fans.

"Belittle? Lin Wanwans just a low-level newbie. We cant look up to her even if we want to!"

"Shes not even fit to carry the shoes of our Su Female Goddess. Shes only been in the entertainment circle for such a short period of time and just got lucky. If not, how is she qualified to walk the red carpet together with our goddess?"

"If I were her, I would definitely not come here to embarrass myself. Would Lin Wanwan be the most low-level actress in the history of the Silver Deer red carpet?"


Su Maners fans criticized Lin Wanwan harshly. Upon hearing these, the few ladies faces flushed red.

"You" One of them could not help but to step forward, wanting to rationalize with them.

"Forget it." Another person pulled her back, her expression gloomy. "Lets not give Ball any trouble."

The reason why they liked Lin Wanwan was because they were impressed with her acting as Bai Xianxian. They gradually felt that she was an innocent and cute girl, thus becoming her die-hard fans.

It was just that, just like every celebrity needed the support of their fans, the fans also hoped that the celebrities they like could make them proud.

Unfortunately, Lin Wanwan was unable to achieve this currently.

"What they say is not wrong too"

After this incident, a number of Balls fans became dejected. Their previous excitement was lost.

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Another cars here! Its the latest Maybach. This car isnt cheap. Who has arrived?"

"Based on the order sequence, it should be Lin Wanwan?"

"Ah? Could it be that she rented this car?"

Hearing this, although a number of Balls fans were still feeling depressed, they raised the support cards in their hands high and prepared to shout her name.

The black Maybach came to a halt. As the car door opened, a handsome man wearing a royal blue suit alighted from the car first. He then walked over to the other side and opened the car door like a gentleman.

"Isnt this man Lin Wanwans rumored boyfriend? Why did she bring him here? People who are not from the entertainment circle are not allowed admission. Why is it that he can walk the red carpet right now?!"

"Shush. Lets wait and see"