Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Beautiful Beyond The Horizon

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Under the watchful gaze of over a thousand pairs of eyes at the scene, a slender white calf stretched out first. The different-colored gemstones on the surface of the silver-white high heels on her feet were mounted into the shape of a seven-color flower. It was as beautiful as an art piece of skilled workmanship, and it aroused the admiration of all the women present.

The high heels stepped steadily onto the ground. It was quickly covered by a long dress.

"Be careful." An Qiao placed a hand on top of Lin Wanwans head so that she wont hit the car.


Lin Wanwan gently lifted her dress and stepped out of the car, exposing herself completely in front of everyone.

When everyone saw her face and makeup, they unanimously widened their eyes, as if witnessing an incredible scene.

Lin Wanwan was seen wearing a pure white one-shoulder dress. The ends of the skirt were like petals, falling tier upon tier. It didnt seem thick and heavy. Instead, it gave off the vibe of an ethereal fairy.

From this petal design, a long and slender silver chain draped down in circles from the waist. The chain was adorned with diamonds.

The diamonds were not big, but were scattered around like stars.

As she lightly moved her feet, the layers of flower petals spread out. The diamonds gave off a different kind of luster under the light, and when intertwined together, they were dazzling.

At this moment, the originally noisy environment fell silent.

Everyone did not shift their gazes away and kept staring at that elf-like young girl.


After a long while, sounds of sucking in cold breaths of air could be heard.

"This is Lin Wanwan? How could she be this beautiful?!"

Sounds of disbelief could be heard one after another. They had not completely recovered themselves from the absent-mindedness.

"When she appeared that second, I thought I saw an angel. Oh, no, fairy! This gown is simply too too too beautiful! There are so many diamonds as embellishments. It must be very expensive!"

"Perhaps they are just ordinary rhinestones?"

"Doesnt seem like it. How could rhinestones be so dazzling?"

Everyone was shocked, and there was a lot of discussion around Lin Wanwan.

After being surprised, those few who were Balls fans looked at each other excitedly and immediately shouted.

"Ball, youre so beautiful today!"

"Wanwan, I love you. I will always be your fan. We will always support you!"


These few ladies relied on their high-pitched and loud voices to break through the chaotic environment.

Lin Wanwan heard them too. Overcome with emotions that their lung capacities were so high, she also thought whether or not she should send them some throat lozenges later on.

She waved in the direction of those ladies and smiled shyly.

The eyebrows that blossomed were like shy lilies. There was a slightly flirtatious feeling to it.

Snap, snap, snap!

A series of crazy shooting ensued. The camera flashes from all directions were about to make An Qiao dizzy.

"Stop smiling." He lowered his voice and said, "Youre pretty enough today. Smile again and there will be more people wholl say Im like cow dung!"

An Qiao had just heard someone mumbling that Lin Wanwan was like a fresh flower stuck in a pile of cow dung.

Lin Wanwan covered her mouth to hide her laughter. "Ok, ok. Lets walk quickly then."

As the two walked quickly, the discussions from both sides did not stop.

Reporter A said, "Lin Wanwans gown is so much nicer than Su Maners. I didnt expect that the Queen of the Red Carpet would have her day of downfall too."

Reporter B said, "Speaking of which, who arranged this outfit and style? She cant afford it on her own for sure, not to mention that poor boyfriend of hers!"

Reporter C said, "Could it be young Tang? Or maybe that Mr. Lu?"