Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Where Was The True Love We Talked About

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The red carpet was very long. When Lin Wanwan appeared, Su Maner had only walked half of it.

She was initially enjoying how the public had sought after her. Whod have known that once Lin Wanwan appeared, everyone would direct their attention there instead?

Listening to the discussions from both sides, her face flushed red. She found it both awkward and embarrassing.

She finally had a taste of how Meng Lu felt when she was neglected previously. She turned her head back and glared at Lin Wanwan.

Damned girl! A newbie actually dared to steal the limelight from her!

Those reporters were brainless too. Lin Wanwan had no resources at all. How was it possible that her gown was real?

When she thought of how a fake had actually stolen the limelight away from her, Su Maner vomited in her heart.

It was just that she was in public. Regardless of how angry she might be, she could only stomach this insult and walk forward quickly. Her previous slowness was no longer there.

Su Maners fans did not look good either. Their faces turned bluish-white, and they looked as if they were slapped.

One of Balls fans thought about how they had scoffed at Lin Wanwan previously and smiled. There was a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

"Oh, our Ball is so pretty. The clothes shes wearing is so beautiful too. So what if its an outfit designed by the chief designer of Bunny-lulu? Compared to the one our Ball is wearing, we dont know who is the low-level one!"

"Theres no harm if theres no comparison made. Whos the shabby one now?"

Upon hearing this, Su Maners fans clenched their teeth. "Dont go too overboard!"

They felt good when they were criticizing others before. Now that the tables had turned, their hearts were filled with grievances.

"Forget it, forget it."

A round-faced fan of Balls pulled the companion next to her and smiled in a reserved manner.

"We are quality fans. Dont stoop down to the level of those fangirls. We all know in our hearts whos the embarrassing one. Remember, before mocking others next time, hold back a little. If not, if you get hit in the face instead, itll hurt."

Su Maners fans could not tolerate it any longer and sneered in anger. "What is there to be happy about? Even if our female goddess is not good, she wont be like Lin Wanwan and wear clothes from unknown origins. She even shamelessly brought her cuckold boyfriend to the movie festival. Does she think its not obvious enough that shes throwing her face?"

Her voice was very loud and everyone who heard this subconsciously nodded.

It was Lin Wanwans freedom whom she wanted to fall in love with. However, she had to consider the occasion too. This was done lacking tact.

A few of Balls fans were speechless. Su Maners fans thought they had scored one back for themselves and started to be smug again.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan and An Qiao had already walked to the front of the huge signature board.

At the request of the hostess, Lin Wanwan left a signature.

"Both of you, please."

Just as the hostess was about to send them in, An Qiao decided to call it quits. "Ms. Dong, you cant just not treat me as person because Lin Wanwan is better looking than me, right? I havent signed yet!"

Hearing the deja vu voice, the hostess was stunned and looked at his face anxiously and doubtfully.

"You are?"

An Qiao received the pen from Lin Wanwan and made beautiful strokes, leaving two words behind.

An Qiao!

The hostess was definitely no stranger to this signature.

"Director An Qiao?!"

Feeling shocked, she blurted out the name. Her clear voice spread to every corner of the venue.

Once the public, who was focusing their attention here, heard An Qiaos name, they were at first sluggish. Then, they widened their mouths in surprise!

"Oh my, this is Director An? How could this be? Hes so young?"

An Qiao took the hostesss microphone and deliberately squeezed out a hint of grievance on his handsome face. "Could it be that all of you cant recognize me after I shaved off my beard? Where was the true love we talked about?"