Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 243

Chapter 243 The Victory Of Balls Fans

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Shaved off his beard?

Everyone looked at one another.

Indeed, although An Qiao was a renowned director, his characteristic style of works was as eclectic as he was.

The deepest impression everyone who saw him had of him was his thick beard.

They didnt expect a shaved An Qiao to actually look so tender. They were blind!

Since this person was An Qiao, then the rumor between him and Lin Wanwan previously

The public started to question this in their hearts. It was as if the hostess guessed what they were thinking, as she immediately smiled and asked, "Everyone knows that Director An scouted Wanwan as his talent. You even publicly mentioned before that Wanwan was like your daughter. Then, how does Director An see the scandal between you two?"

"Fabricating rumors out of thin air, boring."

"" Haha, Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud.

It was not known how the public felt. The scandal had lasted for so long. In the end, it was actually a mistake.

An Qiao spoke again. "I also want to clarify something. It doesnt mean that a man and a woman are a couple when they have dinner together. Also, it doesnt mean that a person who treats hot pot is unable to afford a French meal! Although I, An Qiao, am not very formidable, I have lasted in the entertainment circle for over ten years. I do have some savings!"

These words were simply heartbreaking

Thinking of how they had mocked An Qiao previously that he was a poor miser, they were so embarrassed that they wanted to find a hole to drill in.

A few of An Qiaos mansions were just there. Who dared to say he was poor!

"What about Wanwan? How do you see this matter?" The hostess turned the microphone towards Lin Wanwan.

"Ah" Lin Wanwan tilted her head and thought for a moment, her expression pretty. "The hot pot Uncle An treated that night was very delicious."


Not only did the hostess laugh, the public also didnt expect Lin Wanwan to come up with such an answer. The awkward atmosphere dissipated by more than half.

A few of Balls fans held their faces and looked like fangirls. "Our Ball is really super cute! She knows her stuff well, just like me. I feel like I love her even more now."

"I felt like pinching her when she tilted her head like that!"

"Director An and Ball share a good relationship. Its a pity that some people harbor evil intentions and kept spouting horrible words. Now that the truth is out, theres nowhere to hide, right? Heh heh heh. What was it that was said previously? When mocking others, its best to hold back a little. See? Youre suffering again now, right?"

Su Maners fans were hit in the face once again. Their faces flushed red.

However, this time, they could no longer find a point to counterattack. With other celebrities fans looking at them with contempt, they could only sulk and leave the place earlier.


Balls fans gave one another a high five. They had won a big victory and were content.

Lin Wanwan and An Qiao left the red carpet area and entered a passageway towards the waiting area.

As she left, Xia Yili appeared.

The crowd was still immersed in the shock that Lin Wanwan and An Qiao brought, and they took a few photos with their minds not into it.

Suddenly, a reporter mumbled, "Didnt Xia Yili take a photo of a necklace and sent it on Weibo? Why isnt she wearing it?"

Another reporter slapped his forehead and opened the photos taken previously. Full-length photos of Lin Wanwan were unveiled.

"Is it this necklace?"

He sized it up a couple of times. "It is. Why is it on Lin Wanwan?"

Although this necklace was pretty eye-catching too, compared to Lin Wanwans diamond-studded gown, it didnt seem too precious anymore. They didnt notice this from the start.

"Hey, Xia Yili has deleted that Weibo message. Im imagining that perhaps Xia Yili lost to Lin Wanwan."

"It does seem like it"