Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Everyones Drunk But Im Sober

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Xia Yili could still faintly hear the reporters whisperings. Her cheeks instantly turned red-hot.

Embarrassed and angry, she could no longer maintain the forced dignified elegance. She started to overturn rivers and seas in her heart, and her hatred towards Lin Wanwan increased yet another notch.

Half an hour later, the red carpet event ended.

The reporters who were qualified to go inside had long entered. As the rest of the people left under the command of the security guards, they also released the photos they took previously along with the news.

"Lin Wanwans stunning look killed the stars, becoming the Queen of the Red Carpet this time around!"

"Lin Wanwan defeated Su Maner with her high-profile stunning look!"

"Exposed: Lin Wanwans rumored boyfriend. His real identity is unexpected!"

At this moment, headline news of Lin Wanwan were all over the Internet.

Regardless if its her unparalleled outfit or her rumored boyfriend turning out to be An Qiao, these resulted in a lot of discussion among the netizens.

Lin Wanwan did not expect the news to spread so quickly. At this point in time, she was heading to the recording studio with An Qiao.

On the way, An Qiao said worriedly, "Youre a little too high-profile this time. Lets not talk about others yet. Su Maner already hates you for sure. Shes not someone to mess with. Her fans are quite ferocious too. Ill let you in on something from the grapevine. Su Maners financier is from the triads and has a huge influence."

Lin Wanwan laughed bitterly. She did not want this either.

Her working principle had always been that there was nothing to fear if one was skillful. If one did not have the capital, then one must hide ones capacities and bide time first. It was not too late to only reveal ones skills later.

However, Lu Zhanbei did not allow her to keep a low profile.

"But thats fine." An Qiao switched the conversation and looked at her ambiguously. "With the likes of young Tang and that Mr. Lu behind you, ten Su Maners are no match for you either."


What was he saying? Why did everyone think that Lu Zhanbei liked her?

It looked like she was the only one who knew that Lu Zhanbeis heart already belonged to someone else. Thinking of it this way, Lin Wanwan felt a little smug with a light-headed feeling of everyone else being drunk but only she was sober.

She glanced at An Qiao, as if looking at an ignorant mortal. She was too lazy to explain and asked, "Uncle, you know Lu Zhanbei too?"

"I know a little bit of him now."

He only learned a little from Tan Zhiyue, but was not clear about the specifics of Lu Zhanbeis identity.

Based on what old Tan said, if this was a feudal dynasty, even if Lu Zhanbei was not the emperor, he was definitely at least a character similar to a royal highness.

Royal highness An Qiao initially laughed for a long period of time because of these two words.

It was also from that day onwards that he knew Lin Wanwan was not simple.

At this moment, they had already walked to the entrance of the main hall. Lin Wanwan also did not ask anything further.

"Both of you, please enter."

There were already quite a number of people seated in the hall. From afar, the men looked handsome and the women looked beautiful. All of them were dressed glamorously, and the outfits were customized by big brands. It could be said to be a star-studded event.

Different production teams were scattered in different areas. The scene of them whispering and laughing was quite eye-catching.

An Qiao glanced over and spotted the seats in the first row for the production team of The Palace.

"Girl, lets go over."


Once Lin Wanwan stepped forward, she could feel people sizing her up from all sides.

It was as if she was blind as she held onto An Qiaos arms and walked down the stairs.

Su Maner was coincidentally seated in the first seat right next to the stairs. As she walked past her, Lin Wanwan immediately felt her cold gaze and could not help but sigh in her heart.

Ah. She was definitely bearing a grudge now