Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 246

Chapter 246 Look This Is My Woman

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Lin Wanwan did not know she was about to be conned again. When she heard the music play, she stowed away her mobile and sat properly.

After the team of hosts did the opening ceremony, the award ceremony officially began.

The team of hosts were the big shots in the circle of hosts. They knew how to adjust the atmosphere well and tease grade A actors in the country, causing the scene to be filled with laughter repeatedly. It was the awards segment next.

The first to be given out was the Best Photography Award. Nominated movies included Director An Qiao’s ‘The Palace,’ Director Zhao Chuanan’s ‘The 88th Day of Having a Crush’

As the names of the movies were being read out by the guests, the big screen behind them played the corresponding movie clips.

There was no suspense as the Best Photography Award went to ‘The Palace.’

The awards that were given out at the beginning were all technical awards. The atmosphere in the hall was relatively casual and harmonious. Except for a few newbies who just entered the entertainment circle, those experienced actors and actresses had relatively pleasant and satisfied looks on their faces.

When the cameras swept over, they would even smile gracefully.

Finally, the turn came for the Best Newbie Award.

“Nominated for the Best Newbie Award are Xia Yili for ‘Being in Love for a Thousand Years’, Lin Wanwan for ‘The Palace’”

Lin Wanwan looked up and saw that the big screen was playing the scene where Bai Xianxian passed away.

The host finished reading the list. There were five newbies nominated.

“Let us invite the guest up to reveal the Best Newbie Award winner this time around!”

A few lights shone over and took turns to sweep past the shortlisted newbies.

On the big screen, several people, including Xia Yili, were obviously nervous. Under the cameras, they smiled very unnaturally.

Xia Yili subconsciously glanced in the direction of Lin Wanwan, her eyes hiding a hint of jealousy and hatred.

When the camera was aimed at Lin Wanwan though, not only did she give a lopsided grin, she also displayed a peace sign. Her blurry look was extremely cute.

“Chuckle” Some actors could not help but laugh out loud.

“Ok, I won’t keep you guessing anymore. I announce that the winner of the Best Newbie Award is”

The guest giving out this award was the winner of the Best Newbie Award last year. Although he said that he wouldn’t keep people guessing, he still did. He deliberately waited for a while before announcing, “Playing the role of Bai Xianxian in ‘The Palace’, the seventeen-year-old who displayed excellent performance. Let us congratulate, Lin! Wan! Wan!”

The smile on Xia Yili’s face froze. The other two nominated newbies were disappointed too.

Su Maner, who was sitting on the other side, let out a disdainful snort.

Lin Wanwan pretended to be stunned, then clapped her hands excitedly after.

Clap clap clap the rest gave a round of applause as well.

With An Qiao looking at her in relief, Lin Wanwan stood up and walked slowly to the stage. She received from the guest a shiny gold and silver trophy.

After giving her thanks, she looked down the stage and coughed gently, “I’m not a child prodigy so I must thank Uncle An for scouting me as his talent. No, Director An”

Lin Wanwan’s voice was soft, carrying with it a young girl’s ignorance, and was naturally not fake. Her first sentence created good results, leading the predecessors below the stage to laugh kindly.

An Qiao was laughing even from the corner of his eyes. “This girl!”

Lin Wanwan had won so many trophies in her previous life, and her thank-you speeches came very naturally. In order to fit her character, she would occasionally deliberately act dazed, so that there’d be a natural affinity.

Seeing her glow on stage, the bridge between Lu Zhanbei’s eyebrows carried with it some arrogance.

Gu Mo wanted to cover his face again. It was as if Sir’s expression was saying, “Look, this is my woman. How outstanding she is. All of you are not even a match to a strand of her hair. I’m proud of her!”