Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 247

Chapter 247 The God Of Plague Arrives

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Gu Mo held his forehead. He was a little frightened by his own imagination.

The cheeky thank-you speech ended and Lin Wanwan descended from the stage amidst a round of applause.

As she passed by Xia Yili’s seat, she could obviously read the strong unkindness from her eyes.

The Best Supporting Actress Award was given out next. The nominated movies were the same few popular ones.

Besides Lin Wanwan, the other shortlisted actresses included one of the four starlets, Meng Lu, and two names Lin Wanwan had not heard before. They would have entered the entertainment circle only in the past two years.

The hosts were a male and a female. They were comedians as their looks were not considered outstanding.

When introducing the guest, the hosts suddenly became exceptionally excited and their tones even rose several degrees.

“Now, let us invite the most unexpected guest this evening. President of Sheng Rui Corporation, Mr. Tang Chen!”

As they finished speaking, a slender figure appeared from the meandering stairs to the right.

When Tang Chen’s name sounded, everyone was shocked.

Why was young Tang here?

Sheng Rui was the leader of the top five corporations and had an extraordinary status in this world.

As the CEO, Tang Chen had long been pushed up the altar. If not for Lin Wanwan, he wouldn’t have been so active on the Internet this period of time. This had reduced some sense of the mystery. If not, everyone would have been more shocked.

A number of people immediately looked over in the direction of Lin Wanwan.

“” Lin Wanwan almost blurted out “what the hell, Tang Chen” in her heart.

No wonder her eyelids were jumping before she headed out today. It was a sign that the god of plague would be arriving!

Not too far away, Gu Mo, who had similarly witnessed this scene, was flustered. “Didn’t expect Tang Chen to play this trick. What should we do now? Do you want me to do something that will stop the ceremony from proceeding?”

“No need.” Looking at the figure walking down slowly, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes squinted slightly. “Let’s wait and see.”

All the spotlights were shone towards the right side. As everyone held their breaths and waited, the slender figure gradually became clearer.

He had a quiet temperament as he was dressed in a dark gray suit. However, that fancily folded pocket towel added a hint of flamboyance too.

It was as if the lights were too dazzling as he blocked his eyes with his hand.

It was indeed Tang Chen!

Lin Wanwan cried in her heart. She had the urge to flee.

The two hosts respectfully gestured a “please” to Tang Chen. The smiles on their faces could be said to be full of flattery.

Tang Chen was not affected as well. He slowly walked to the front of the stage, positioned himself at the microphone, and swept his eyes lazily down the stage.

Although that gaze was not invasive, everyone’s hearts tightened!

“Good evening.”

He displayed his signature evil-looking smile. Coupled with his peach-shaped eyes, the lethality could be imagined.

From the corner of her eye, Lin Wanwan saw that a few female stars, including Su Maner and Xia Yili, were blushing, and she could not help but curl her lips.

If they knew how evil Tang Chen was, they would definitely not be charmed by his looks.

Lin Wanwan was criticizing him silently when she suddenly heard Tang Chen calling her name on stage.

“Lin Wanwan.”

Lin Wanwan’s heart beat faster. She looked up and saw his awe-inspiring evil look.

That pair of thin lips opened and said, “Dear, do you feel very surprised that I’m here today? I came here especially for you. If you can’t get this award”

He changed the topic and smiled evilly. “You don’t have to worry either. I will give you a kiss as consolation.”