Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 248

Chapter 248 A Big Awkward Mistake

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Lin Wanwan was about to explode! No one should stop her. She was going to tear up this god of plague now!

An Qiao could see her anger and annoyance and he quickly pulled her back. He reminded her in a low voice, "Calm down in public."

Tang Chens words caused a commotion in the audience. Everyone was looking at Lin Wanwan more strangely.

Although there were always rumors that Tang Chen was pursuing Lin Wanwan, few people actually believed it.

According to logic, how could a perfect man who had the power, authority, wealth, and looks fancy a newbie in the entertainment circle? Furthermore, this newbie was a fool with only the looks.

However, it seemed that the possibility was quite high now.

Su Maner and Xia Yili had long been disgusted with Lin Wanwan. Upon hearing Tang Chen saying such words of confession, their eyes were red with jealousy.

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and barely regained her calmness. She turned her head away and did not want to look at him at all.

Tang Chen smiled. His eyes moved and inadvertently glanced towards the left side.

Although it was pitch black there, he could still feel a pair of cold eyes on him.

Heh. Not only was he not afraid, he returned a smile that was akin to picking a fight instead.

Gu Mo said indignantly, "Why dont I bring some people and beat him up later!"

A layer of frost condensed on Lu Zhanbeis eyebrows. "Hes not worthy of me taking action."

"Sir, you cant be soft-hearted towards your love rival!"

"Only the person Lin Wanwan fancies is qualified to be my love rival."

For instance, Luo Han.

Lu Zhanbei said expressionlessly, "Tang Chens not qualified yet."

Gu Mo was enlightened.

Finally, Tang Chen said again, "Ok, lets go back to the original topic."

He opened the card in his hands and glanced at the content. He raised his eyebrow and didnt say more than what was needed, "The 32nd Silver Deer Movie Festival Best Supporting Actress Award, Meng Lu."

Some of the audience already looked like their minds were not into it. When they heard this result, they had lifeless expressions on their faces and unanimously looked at Lin Wanwan. Their eyes did not carry pity, but instead, envy.

Especially for some female stars, the jealousy in their eyes were about to flow out.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan was speechless; she more or less had some regrets too.

Amidst the whisperings, Meng Lu, who was dressed sexily, stood up. She could not hide the arrogance on her face, and she walked over flirtatiously.

Just as she was about to step up on stage, Tang Chen suddenly slapped his forehead and looked a little annoyed. "Sorry, Ive said it wrongly. The award winner is Lin Wanwan. To prove that Im not lying, everyone can see for themselves."

After saying this, he opened the card in his hand and circled it towards the stage below.

The camera captured it. The screen clearly displayed the words Lin Wanwan under the award winner column.


Everyone was shocked and their faces gradually revealed all kinds of exciting expressions.

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. What was this god of plague trying to do!

He dared to crack such a joke on such an important occasion. What a lunatic!

With everyone looking strangely at him, Tang Chen curved his lips and smiled as if nothing happened. He looked at Meng Lu, who stood frozen on stage. "Sorry to make you happy for nothing. Please return back to your seat."

Lin Wanwan wiped her face below the stage. She did not dare to look at Meng Lus expression.

Heh heh. Because of Tang Chen, she offended another person yet again.

Thinking of how she had walked one round of the red carpet today and offended Xia Yili, Su Maner, and now, Meng Lu, Lin Wanwan felt a little heartache for herself.