Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Lend Me Your Gun

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With everyone hiding the look of ridicule in their eyes, Meng Lu forced out a smile and returned to her seat via the original route. Everyone could tell that she was embarrassed.

During those moments, the atmosphere in the hall became subtle.

Tang Chen was obviously playing with them, and everyone flew into a rage out of humiliation.

They had a certain reputation in the entertainment circle and were used to being sought after by fans. Now that they were being played, it was inevitable that they felt uncomfortable in their hearts.

However, thinking of Tang Chen’s identity, they could only swallow it down. Although they felt indignant, they dared not voice it out.

( Boxno vel. co m ) Tang Chen was still looking calm. His seductive eyes swept the stage below, and a number of female stars blushed uncontrollably again.

“I hope everyone can forgive me as I could not help it just now. I really wish Lin Wanwan wouldn’t get this award so that I can kiss her.”

He sighed and pretended to look at Lin Wanwan affectionately from a distance.

“Wanwan, you can understand this, right? My love for you is true.”

“” Lin Wanwan blushed not because she was shy but because she was angry.

True love his a*s!

If he wanted to find fault, so be it. Why did he have to coat the words “true love” like this? It was simply an insult!

Seeing Lin Wanwan stare at him coldly without making any response, Tang Chen was not angry. He smiled and waved at her, “Come on, Dear. I’ll give you your award.”

“Girl, go quickly!”

An Qiao’s words made Lin Wanwan recover her rationality. She took a deep breath and slowly walked up the stage.

Just as she was about to receive the trophy, Tang Chen shrank his hand back. He raised his eyebrow and his smile was with banter as he said, “Hug me and I’ll give you your trophy.”


Lin Wanwan was so angry. Damn it, she was going to get rid of an evil for the people today!

At the same time, upon witnessing this scene, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes turned extremely cold. He stepped forward subconsciously.

“Sir, calm down!”

Gu Mo, who had been paying attention to him all this while, was shocked. He hurriedly stretched out his hand and pulled Lu Zhanbei’s arm.

Even if Sir wanted to kill Tang Chen, he had to wait for him to pull down the electric brake first!

Seeing Tang Chen on stage, Lu Zhanbei said coldly, “Gu Mo, lend me your gun.”

What the! Was Sir really going to kill Tang Chen with a gun?


Gu Mo was in a dilemma when Lin Wanwan suddenly smiled on stage and stepped forward. “You want a hug, right? Ok. Young Tang is the guest who’s giving out the award to me. A hug is nothing.”

Tang Chen clearly saw a straightened paper clip hidden in her right hand. Lin Wanwan removed this from her outfit previously. In order to prevent herself from being exposed, she deliberately put some in the waist area.

He wanted to hug her, right? Then, hug her!

Lin Wanwan’s heart was filled with malicious intent, but she smiled exceptionally sweetly. She opened her arms and wanted to hug Tang Chen.

Tang Chen’s lips twitched, and he backed away a few steps to avoid her. He looked in the left direction from the corner of his eye and immediately cast a meaningful smile. He said with double meaning, “Don’t scare me. I’ll be afraid.”

At least he was sensible! Lin Wanwan snorted coldly.

“Here’s the trophy.” Tang Chen stuffed the trophy in her hands without the slightest hesitation and threw a wink. “I should retire after having rendered meritorious service. Goodbye, Dear.”

Get lost, goodbye!

Tang Chen looked at her deeply. He did not leave via the crystal staircase he entered from. Instead, he chose the left passageway.

Once he left, Lin Wanwan was relieved. She quietly wiped away the cold sweat in her hands, turned around, and faced the audience below the stage.

It was as if she didn’t realize the audience’s complicated expressions as she said her thank-you speech as per normal. She could not be bothered to interact with the audience this time and just acknowledged her thanks very generally like she was reading off a script.