Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 25

Chapter 25 A Bold And Shameless Fool

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She clasped both hands in front of her. When the female teacher signaled to her with her eyes, she walked up to the podium. She did a 90-degree bow and started her self-introduction.

“Hello, everyone. I’m a new student, Lin Wanwan. I hope that I can get along with everyone in the future. Thank you.”

Clap clap clap!

A round of applause sounded. Most of the people clapping were boys.

“Lin Wanwan, go and find a seat”

The female teacher had yet to finish her words when a sharp female voice suddenly rang.

“It’s really her! Lin Wanwan is that orthodox fangirl at Luo Han’s movie conference!”

What “orthodox” meant was that her brain was physically damaged and was a real disability; it was not a ridicule.

When these words came out, everyone was shocked.

Looking at the slender girl with a beautiful face on the podium, a few boys who had a good impression of her could not help but start to chatter.

“She’s a fool? She doesn’t look like one”

“Although she has low IQ, it would not be unusual for her to greet others. However, on what basis did she enter Imperial Capital High School? There must be some sorcery involved!”

“She actually wanted to marry the famous actor? What a bold and shameless fool. She should have looked at herself in the mirror first.”

Loud chatter could be heard from the discussion. The female teacher used a duster to hit the podium loudly!

Only until it was absolutely quiet was she satisfied and said, “Don’t make so much noise in class! Lin Wanwan, go and find a seat.”

The principal had personally asked her to take care of Lin Wanwan as much as possible.

“Yes, teacher.”

Lin Wanwan obediently replied. With a fearful face, she got off the podium.

She purposely wanted to start studying from Year 3 as she was more compatible with the seventeen-year-olds.

She wanted to go to school, graduate, and work like a normal person on behalf of the original owner. She wanted to slowly let those people who had doubted her to shut up.

Imperial Capital High School was where everything will all begin!

As she walked past an isle, a girl stretched out her leg, her intentions obvious

Lin Wanwan pretended not to see it. She steadily lifted her right leg and crossed over.

The girl gritted her teeth!

There were a few empty seats in the classroom. Lin Wanwan chose the last row and realized that the table next to her was also empty, though it was full of textbooks.

“She actually dared to sit there”

Some people sucked a breath of air. They glanced at each other for a while but did not speak.

“Ok, let’s start class!”

The female teacher clapped her hands and flipped open the textbook on the podium.

Lin Wanwan listened in boredom.

Although many years had passed, she was an elite student in the past and did not return everything she had learned to the teacher.

These were considered very difficult Mathematical questions in high school, but to her, it was child’s play.

However, new knowledge could be gained while revising old material. Lin Wanwan used this body, which was gifted with an extraordinarily retentive memory, to read the entire textbook to refresh her memory.

However, she did not know that to some people, this serious look of hers was a cause for ridicule. A loud burst of laughter sounded.

Obviously, they all thought that Lin Wanwan was just pretending to be a model student.

One period of lesson passed just like that. When the teacher announced that class had ended, Lin Wanwan, who had tolerated for a long time, immediately rushed out to the washroom.

As soon as she left, two girls looked at each other and signaled to follow her.

After Lin Wanwan finished her business in the washroom, she used her right hand to pull open the partition door.

The door did not open.

She used more strength, but the door still did not open.


This time, there were bouts of loud laughter coming from outside. Lin Wanwan understood what was going on and immediately slammed the door.

“Whoever is outside, let me out of here!”