Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 250

Chapter 250 My Mind Is Set And Im Going To Snatch Her From You

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Most of the people did not have their minds into it.

After seeing the interaction between Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen, only a few women could maintain equanimity. Most of them were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Only they knew clearly in their hearts that they had it hard, although it was all glamorous on the outside as stars.

They had tried hard to enter the upper circles, but it was still difficult for them to do so. Tang Chen, one of the big shots in Xia country, was so dedicated to a fool who could not compare to them at all. How could they not feel emotional?

"Lin Wanwan really leads a good life"

"Fortune favors fools. We are not fools, so we cant get such blessings."

They could only say a few sour words to vent the envy and jealousy in their hearts.

Bright lights shone from all sides at Lin Wanwan as she said her thank-you speech on stage. Xia Yili and Su Maner were so full of hatred that they nearly pinched off their nails!

Behind the left red curtain, Tang Chen leaned languidly against the wall.

From his angle, he could see Lin Wanwans beautiful figure. His eyes swept lazily across the diamonds on her long skirt, and he playfully curved his lips.

"This outfit. You sent it to her?"

Lu Zhanbeis expression was cool. He did not answer and instead asked, "Is it nice?"


Listening to the two of them asking and answering questions, Gu Mo, who stood not too far away, scratched his head in puzzlement.

Sir had wanted to fire a shot at Tang Chen just a moment ago. Why was it that they seemed to be happily chatting now?

Tang Chen placed a cigarette in his mouth and was about to light it when a hand stretched out of nowhere and snatched it away.

"You cant smoke here."

Tang Chen gave a tsk. "Afraid my smoke will choke the girl you like?"

Lu Zhanbei did not answer, as if silence meant consent.

Tang Chen tilted his head and laughed while looking at him. "Lu Zhanbei, you really like her?"

Lu Zhanbei said coldly, "This is my business."

Tang Chen was not annoyed. "What about Lin Wanwan? Does she like you?"

"This is her business."

Tang Chen gave another tsk. Oh, that bad temper of his really made him want to hit him.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im not going to beat around the bush with you. Ive my mind set on Lin Wanwan, and Im going to snatch her away from you!"

In response to Tang Chens provocation, Lu Zhanbei only replied with an "oh" lightly.

This disapproving reaction made Tang Chen squint both his eyes.

In an instant, he seemed to have become another person. The laziness and harmlessness completely disappeared and were replaced by a strong uninhibitedness and coldness.

"Youre not worried at all Ill snatch Lin Wanwan away? I dont believe I cant get the woman I want!"

Lu Zhanbei finally looked at him in the eye. "She doesnt like you. Not one bit."

Tang Chen was speechless.

Ok, one shot one kill.

Tang Chen knew this better than anyone else. Not only did Lin Wanwan not like him, she also even avoided him like he was a snake.

It seemed that the more he tried to pursue her, the more she wanted to avoid him.

A trace of frustration crossed his heart, but his face did not reveal this one bit.

Seeing Lu Zhanbei in a good mood, he suddenly laughed evilly. "So what? Lin Wanwan doesnt like me, neither does she like you. She would never treat you as a pursuer, isnt that so?"

Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

This sentence was similarly one shot, one kill.

Lu Zhanbei turned his head fiercely and his eyes were cold, as if a storm was brewing.

Tang Chen met his gaze and returned his look uninhibitedly.

Two equally powerful but distinct individuals collided with each other. The sudden drop in air pressure caused the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly.

After a long while, Lu Zhanbei kept his gaze and said coldly, "You can wait and see."

"I will."

Tang Chen smiled and regained his original temperament. He stretched his back lazily and staggered out a few steps.