Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 251

Chapter 251 Lin Xiao's Dead Lin Wanwan's Still Alive

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He stopped in his tracks and said meaningfully, “What if I tell Lin Wanwan that the reason why you like her and are taking care of her is because she has someone’s shadow?”

He turned his head fiercely and elongated the pronunciation. “Make a guess what will she do?”

Upon hearing this, Gu Mo, who was by the side, widened his eyes.

Could it be that Sir liked Lin Wanwan because he treated her as a substitute?

“Up to you,” Lu Zhanbei taunted and curved his lips. Nothing strange could be detected from his look.

Tang Chen raised an eyebrow interestingly, turned, and waved his hand. “I’ll get going.”

Lu Zhanbei stood at the original spot and did not move for a long time. When he looked up again, Lin Wanwan had already returned to her seat with two trophies in her arms. She was happily talking to An Qiao.

That bright and innocent smile was like a ray of sunlight, melting a little bit of the ice in his heart.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have smiled a little but also seemed not to. “Let’s get going too.”

In the end, they turned and left.

Because of Tang Chen’s interference, the fact that Lin Wanwan won two trophies was only recognized by the public after a long time had passed.

“Lin Wanwan is the second actress to win both the Best Newbie Award and the Best Supporting Actress Award at the same time, right? That famous actress has been gone for over two years. I didn’t expect an exception to be made at Silver Deer again.”

“Thinking of Lin Xiao, all sorts of feelings still well up in my mind”

“Who said it isn’t? That year when she was still around, she even managed to surpass the actors, let alone the actresses. It’s a pity she died too suddenly. Her manager Si Han had originally announced that she would officially enter the international arena that year. In the end it can only be said that since the old times, beautiful women are likely to end in misery.”

“This time, I estimate that Lin Wanwan is going to be more renowned!”

Some people sighed. Some people were envious. Some people were full of jealousy and hatred. All the mannerism in the entertainment circle appeared, without doubt.

Even An Qiao tapped Lin Wanwan’s shoulder excitedly. “Girl, work hard. Strive hard so that you can stand at the same height as Lin Xiao one day!”

Lin Wanwan blinked. “Why can’t I surpass her?”

After all, Lin Xiao was dead and Lin Wanwan was still alive.

Her goal was never herself of the previous life, but the top!

An Qiao was shocked. He lowered his voice and said, “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. You really dare to say anything. It’s good to have dreams. However, you have to act according to your ability. Don’t ever say this outside. Although Lin Xiao is no longer around, a spit from each of her die-hard fan is enough to drown you.”

Lin Wanwan found it amusing and annoying at the same time. Mostly, she was feeling touched.

Although Lin Xiao was no longer around, there were still many people who remembered her. Really, she did not have any regrets.

Finally, the movie festival came to an end.

The last four most-prized awards were Best Director, Best Movie, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

‘The Palace’ won the first two awards. An Qiao went up on stage twice consecutively to receive the awards, and he could not conceal his agitated look.

As for the Best Actor Award, no suspense was created as Luo Han won it.

When he went up on stage to receive the award, Lin Wanwan applauded until her hands hurt.

That year when she had won her third Silver Deer Best Actress Award, Luo Han was a newbie who’d just joined the entertainment circle. She was very eye-catching on stage, while he silently applauded below the stage.

Now that she had become Lin Wanwan, everything was reversed.

A little accident occurred when the Best Actress Award was being given out.

The guest was Zhou Tianhou, an old artist and special-level actor in the country. He was also the chairman of Silver Deer’s judging panel. At the same time, he was famous for making jokes.

“I hereby announce that the Silver Deer Movie Festival’s Best Actress Award this time around goes to Su Maner”

Hearing her name, Su Maner was too impatient to wait and stood up.