Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 252

Chapter 252 Causing Trouble Again

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Although she also had several Best Actress Awards, they were essentially the same as Luo Hans Best Actor Awards. All of them were somewhat exaggerated.

Su Maner had always hoped to be recognized by the three major movie festivals and become the best actress that was true to its name!

This moment, her dreams finally came true!

Feeling that everyones gazes had now landed on herself, Su Maner knew that she had taken back the attention that was snatched away by Lin Wanwan previously.

Her vanity was greatly gratified. She lifted her chin and proudly left her seat, not forgetting to give Lin Wanwan a side glance.

Look, the one smiling until the end is still me!

However, Lin Wanwan did not look at her, but just frowned.

Su Maner was about to walk up the stage. At this moment, Zhou Tianhou, who seemed to have been stunned on stage, slowly said the remaining words.

" who is sitting next to the winner, Jiang Haili!"

As he finished speaking, the whole scene was speechless again.

Su Maners body stiffened. Her beautiful face flushed red first, then immediately became pale. Her face was like a palette that was knocked over, and it was exciting.

Only then did Lin Wanwan release her frowning eyebrows.

Shed found it strange back there. Among the few clips that were played just now, veteran Jiangs performance was so much stronger than Su Maners.

If Silver Deer really decided to award Su Maner with the Best Actress Award, she could not help but suspect there was an inside story.

After a long while, someone could not help but snicker. "Chuckle"

If not for having to think twice about Su Maners background, the audience would have long burst into laughter. She was thankful that she was not the one who fell for it.

Zhou Tianhou was a little embarrassed too. He did not expect Su Maner to move so quickly and jump out so impatiently when he hadnt finished his words.

"Ah Im old and speak more slowly now. I can understand Maners eagerness as well. I believe with your acting skills and qualifications, the chances of you winning the next Silver Deer Movie Festivals Best Actress Award are very high!"

Such a way of smoothing things over did not improve Su Maners mood. The strange gazes from all sides made her feel like she was a joke.

She wanted to scream, wanted to curse. However, in front of so many people, she could only force herself to turn around, control the slightly distorted expression on her face, and return to her seat as if nothing happened.

There had been quite a few incidents today, and the atmosphere was extremely strange.

After the awards ceremony, everyone left one after another. Su Maner was the first to leave. From the back, it looked like she was fleeing.

Under the lead of the staff personnel, Lin Wanwan was about to go to the changing room to remove her high-profile outfit.

However, as she passed by a cross-shaped corridor, a slender figure wearing a cleaners clothes jumped in front of her without warning!

"Surprise! My little Ball!"

Lin Wanwan was so shocked that she nearly fell. After recovering herself, she looked at Ruan Baoer, who appeared suddenly, in a daze.

"Why are you here?"

"Im a cleaner today, and I came here especially to sneak a look at you!" Ruan Baoer laughed and circled around Lin Wanwan once. "Youre so pretty. However, youre still a little uglier than me."

Lin Wanwan smiled as she pinched her nose. "Yes, youre the most beautiful. Youre the most beautiful in this world."

The two chatted as they walked forward.

"When you appeared on the red carpet, the looks on those bumpkins were so funny."


Lin Wanwan was speechless. She did not know where that damned girl was getting the confidence to actually say those people were bumpkins, as if she herself had seen the world.

"And that Su Maner. Is the chief designer of Bunny-lulu very formidable? I think its just like that. Regardless of the design, workmanship, material, or matching of details, they pale in comparison to yours. This can be considered the Queen of the Red Carpet? What a joke"