Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Misfortunes Never Come Singly

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The more Lin Wanwan listened to it, the more she felt something was amiss. This fellow did not even look at the occasion before speaking the truth.

“Baoer, walls have ears. You”

She was just halfway through the words when, in the next second, a well-dressed beauty walked over from the right.

It was actually Su Maner

Lin Wanwan could not help but hold her forehead. Oh my, today was an exceptionally unlucky day for them.

Su Maner had already changed her gown. She was both bright and flamboyant in her red V-shaped waist dress.

It was a pity that the beauty’s face was cold, and when she spoke, it was full of mean words.

“I’m not fit to be called the Queen of the Red Carpet. Then is Lin Wanwan, who’s wearing a fake, qualified?”

Ruan Baoer was unwilling to take this lying down and wanted to retaliate, but Lin Wanwan got to it first. “Sorry, sorry. My friend said the wrong thing. I apologize on her behalf. Sorry.”

These matters were independent of each other. It was indeed bad for Baoer to talk behind people’s backs.

Ruan Baoer pouted as she felt depressed. Sister Ball was good in everything, but she was just too good-tempered and easily bullied.

Su Maner laughed coldly and slowly walked over in her 10-centimeter heels.

As she moved, the few women standing behind her, who looked like her assistants, immediately followed. The aura was strong enough.

Su Maner stood in front of Lin Wanwan. With the advantage from her high heels, she looked down from a height and sized up her gorgeous outfit. Her smile was more sneer-like.

“Stealing my limelight with a dress full of rhinestones. You should be quite pleased, right?”

Lin Wanwan did not like her aggressive way of speaking. She tolerated it and eventually decided to swallow it down.

Su Maner had lost a lot of face today. If she continued to wage a tit-for-tat struggle, the contradiction would only grow bigger and bigger.

Without a strong and mighty front, one should not cause trouble.

Lin Wanwan wanted to leave immediately. However, Ruan Baoer wrinkled her nose and retorted, “How do you know these are rhinestones? Do you have extra-sensory perception to tell if these are real or fake with just a look?”

Su Maner lifted her chin and her bones radiated a sense of superiority.

“Need I take a look? Why don’t you tell me, on what basis would a newbie who just debuted have such capital and be willing to waste all her money on an outfit? Or are you telling me that you can show evidence that this is not an imitation?”

Lin Wanwan threw Ruan Baoer a look, signaling her to leave it at that.

Regardless of whether this outfit was real or not, they should not argue any further. If not, things would go out of hand.

Ruan Baoer thrust her chest forward and was not fearful at all. “On the basis that this was personally designed by Jennifer!”


The air seemed to solidify for a moment.

Jennifer, one of the top fashion designers in the world.

She debuted when she was fifteen and became famous overnight in the International Newbie Designer competition. Later, she became a Grade A fashion designer after participating in various world-class top events.

It was not known how many daughters from prestigious families begged for her to design their clothes. Even the concubine of Y country had visited her a couple of times.

At the age of thirty, she designed a royal-style gold dress for Queen Kelly for her 60th birthday party. She loved it so much that she could not bear to part with it.

She proclaimed in front of all the royals that Jennifer was the most talented designer she had ever seen. Every piece of her clothing could be considered a rare treasure in the world!

Jennifer was hailed by the world media as a woman’s magician.

Even an ordinary Cinderella could transform into a princess when she put on her designer clothes.

When she was forty-two, she announced that she would go into retirement. It was no exaggeration that in the field of fashion design, she was the pinnacle of an era!