Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 254

Chapter 254 A Fake Is A Fake

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When Ruan Baoer said that the gown on Lin Wanwan was personally designed by Jennifer, even Su Maner, who self-praised that she had seen it all, was momentarily shocked.

After she recovered herself, she laughed without any scruples. "Hahaha!"

As if hearing a big joke, Su Maner laughed uninhibitedly. The assistants behind her laughed along as well.

Lin Wanwan looked at Ruan Baoer, speechless.

She considered herself to be someone who knew how to put on a pretense. However, when compared to Baoer, she still had to salute with her hands folded and kowtow to her.

It was ok to pull anyone in, but why did she have to talk about Jennifer?

How was she going to wind this matter up

Ruan Baoer saw that Su Maner and the rest were laughing arrogantly. She snorted angrily and said, "Hey, have you laughed enough?!"


Su Maner laughed again twice, then stopped fervently. Not only did the look of disdain not disappear, it became stronger instead.

"Where did you come from? You wouldnt happen to be a fool like Lin Wanwan, right? The outfit shes wearing is by Master Jennifer? Trust you to say such words. When you brag, you need to refer to a draft too. Understand?!"

Hearing that she was being scolded as a fool, Ruan Baoer angrily gritted her teeth. "You"

Lin Wanwan stepped forward and stood in front of her. She looked confused. "You keep saying that this is not a work by Master Jennifer. Then can you produce evidence?"

Her not creating trouble did not mean that she was afraid of things!

Su Maner rolled her eyes. "Do I still need evidence? You should know best in your heart your own value. You cant afford Master Jennifers designer work at all. Even if you could, seeing that youre such an unknown figure, how would you possibly know Jennifer or anyone related to her?"

Lin Wanwan smiled exceptionally sweetly but was full of aggressiveness. "Do you not understand Xia language? After saying so much, you still cant produce any evidence that this isnt a work by Master Jennifer, right?"

Su Maners expression changed. She felt that she was using lame arguments and perverted logic!

Lin Wanwan stepped forward. Although her smile was still harmless, every word she said was incisive and pointed to the key.

"Since youre sure, could it be that you have her personally designed clothes? Can you take them out so that we can do a comparison?"

Of course, Su Maner did not have it!

In a fit of exasperation, she flew into a rage out of humiliation. "You think that by using lame arguments and perverted logic, the fake youre wearing will become a work of Master Jennifers? A fake is a fake. We know it best in our hearts!"

"I know." Lin Wanwan had a look of innocence. "My outfit is not fake and is definitely real."

Coming from Lu Zhanbei, this was definitely not fake.

As to whether it was a product of Jennifers, she did not admit to that.

Encountering such a shameless woman who distorted reason, Su Maner was angered to death. Her look was ferocious as she glared fiercely at Lin Wanwan!

"You wait and see. One of these days, Ill rip off the mask off your skin! Lets go!"

Su Maner snorted loudly and left angrily with her sidekicks.


Lin Wanwan sighed. The hatred with Su Maner was growing bigger and bigger, and it was all Ruan Baoers fault!

Lin Wanwan was about to get even with the culprit when Ruan Baoer hugged her waist and lifted her face that screamed worship.

"Sister Ball, youre so aggressive just now~ I like you more and more. Do you still need a girlfriend? One whos cute, has a good figure, busty, and very good at warming up the bed!"

"" Lin Wanwan also wanted to faint.