Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Join Hands With Me? Do You Think You Are Worthy?

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Aside from the fact that she was a female who liked males, even if she really liked females, she wouldnt have chosen a destructive maniac who could neither do physical work nor differentiate rice from wheat!

"No glib words!"

Lin Wanwan curved her finger and flicked Ruan Baoers forehead heavily. She said coldly, "Remember, you can find trouble, but please find those where I can help clean up the mess. If not, go back to Si Hans and continue being abused by him!"

It was so painful that Ruan Baoer pouted and mumbled, "You have cleaned it up very well this time."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. "If Su Maner really knew how to differentiate Jennifers designer works, how do you think I can clean up the mess?"

" It would have been more fun that way."

"What did you say?" Lin Wanwan didnt hear clearly.

"Nothing." Ruan Baoer yawned. "If shed really known how to, at the very most, you can just admit directly that you were bragging. Its just blowing out air anyway."

Lin Wanwan stared at her and snapped, "A rule from the Lin family: Even if youre a lousy pretender, you have to pretend successfully even if it means going on your knees."

Ruan Baoer silently gave her a thumbs up. "I concur!"

On the other end, Su Maner, who was in front of the sink, received the dry towel handed over by her assistant. She wiped off the water droplets from her hands; her beautiful face was still filled with anger.

"That cheap good, Lin Wanwan. Not only did she steal the limelight away from me, she even distorted all reason. Ive thrown all my face away in the Silver Deer Movie Festival this year!"

First, the attention was snatched away in the red carpet. Then, a big awkward mistake happened during the awards ceremony. Lastly, she was criticized by Lin Wanwan.

Thinking of this, Su Maner fiercely threw the towel away!

"Sister Man." Her assistant hesitated for a while before stepping forward. She asked in a low voice, "Do we want to tell this to Mr. Liang?"

Su Maner bit her lip but shook her head eventually. "Dont tell Godfather. Hes very busy. I dont believe I cant handle a damned girl!"

Her godfather Liang Huasheng came from a strong triad background. Once he made a move, Lin Wanwan would definitely not end up well.

However, Su Maner knew that even though Liang Huasheng doted on her, he similarly doted on the rest of his girls. She did not want to ask from him unless it was a last resort.

When she thought of what kind of price she would have to pay upon asking from him, Su Maner shuddered.

Initially, in order to obtain the female lead role in one of the movies, she was nearly played to death.

That man was a hundred-percent pervert!

If her financier was young Tang how good would that be.

Or if Luo Han was willing to date her back then, she wouldnt have ended up in such a state now.

As she found herself thinking too far off, Su Maner rubbed her forehead and was about to leave.

At this moment, clear footsteps could be heard from within the washroom. At the same time, a womans delicate voice sounded.

"Sister Maner, sorry. I didnt mean to eavesdrop on your conversation. I just feel that we have to cooperate this once."

"Who!" Su Maners expression turned cold. Seeing Xia Yili slowly appear, she frowned. "You are Xia Yili?"

"Its me."

Xia Yili was angered by the superior look Su Maner threw at her. However, she did not dare to show it and just smiled.

"Sister Maner, Ill not beat around the bush. I have a grudge with Lin Wanwan too. Since we have a common enemy, why dont we join hands to teach her a lesson?"

Su Man gave her a look of disdain. "Join hands with me? Do you think you are worthy?"

A newbie actually dared to make such a request. How ridiculous.