Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Dirty Minded

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Xia Yili didnt expect Su Maner to not give her any face. Her smiling face went stiff.

"Lets go." Su Maner snorted coldly and arrogantly and was about to leave.

After walking a few steps, she seemed to have remembered something. She suddenly turned her head and said without any clear meaning, "Xia Yili, if I remember correctly, youll be on that variety show Close Range with a Star next Saturday, right?"

She happened to see this piece of news as she was refreshing her Weibo yesterday.

Xia Yili was still bearing a grudge against Su Maner for looking at her with disdain. She nodded unwillingly. "Yes."

"Very good."

Su Maner came up with a plan in her mind and hooked her finger towards Xia Yili. "Come over here then. Im willing to cooperate with you. Furthermore, I have a very good idea now that can result in Lin Wanwan making a big fool out of herself!"

An enemys enemy was a friend.

In Su Maners heart, Xia Yili was not worthy to be called a friend on her own. However, she was still not bad as a gun in her hands.

Xia Yili was confused and leaned over. The two of them started to whisper.

Lin Wanwan left with Ruan Baoer via the back door from the movie festival. From afar, she saw Lu Zhanbeis low-profile but luxurious RV.

She pulled Ruan Baoers hand. "Follow me, we can hitch a ride."

The two of them ran over. The car door was pushed outwards from inside. Lin Wanwan got in and was about to call Ruan Baoer to sit with her when she heard a man say coldly, "She can only sit in front."

Ruan Baoer pouted. "Why? I want to sit with Sister Ball."

Lin Wanwan saw from the corner of her eye Lu Zhanbeis slightly cold expression. Her heart beat faster and she hurriedly smiled and pushed her along. "Its also good if you sit in front. Gu Mo the driver is tall and slender. Hes especially interesting and is even a fan of anime. You will definitely have a good time if you sit with him."

Gu Mo was speechless.

Ruan Baoers eyes shone, and she immediately got into the assistant drivers seat. As she buckled her seatbelt, she asked with a smile, "Brother Gu Mo, do you know why every male lead in anime has a busty girl by his side?"

How would he know!

Gu Mo thought for a while before squeezing out a sentence. "Because men like girls with big breasts?"

"Chuckle" Lin Wanwan laughed out loud. "That answer is absolutely right!"

"Not necessarily." Out of nowhere, Lu Zhanbei suddenly spoke. His gaze landed lightly on Lin Wanwans chest. "There are benefits to small breasts too."

Lin Wanwan was both furious and embarrassed as she stared at him. The tip of her ears were slightly stained red.

Ruan Baoer asked with interest, "What are the benefits? Using them as a washboard?"

Lin Wanwan was both sorrowful and angry. In this day and age, you would actually be laughed at if your breasts were smaller!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her, and a hint of a bantering smile could be seen from his eyes. "Compared to the finished product, I might like the process of cultivating them personally even more."


As she looked at someones deep black eyes, Lin Wanwans face was flushed red.

How dirty-minded! Why did she not realize before that Lu Zhanbei would say such things! Compared to him, her own tricks were gradually reduced to residues!

Ruan Baoer understood what he meant and laughed out loud. She turned around, leaned against the back of the seat, and tilted her head in curiosity to look at Lu Zhanbei.

However, just one look and she was stunned. Her eyes became subtle too.

Her strange look caught the attention of Lin Wanwan. "Baoer, whats wrong?"


However, Ruan Baoers look returned to normal in an instant. She looked at Lin Wanwan with a hint of ridicule. "Sister Ball, I think you are very easily shy in front of this Mister."