Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 257

Chapter 257 Lu Zhanbei Little Fresh Meat

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Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed.

Lin Wanwan was stunned for a moment. She then used her hair to cover up her shy face. "Im a very shy and dazed girl to begin with~"

"Tsk." Lu Zhanbei and Ruan Baoer could not bear to look at her steadily at the same time.

Lu Zhanbeis playful gaze made Lin Wanwan feel embarrassed. She put on a pretense and said, "Baoer, Lu Mr. Lu and I have something to talk about. You chat with Gu Mo first."

Under Ruan Baoers ambiguous gaze, Lin Wanwan raised the partition.

Lu Zhanbei asked, "What do you want to talk to me about?"

Lin Wanwan took out the thick stack of blank checks from her carry-on bag. "Ill return these to you. I cant have them."


Seeing Lu Zhanbei frown, Lin Wanwan knew that this was a sign of his dissatisfaction.

"Theyre too precious. I have done nothing to deserve them. Furthermore, I live each day with great trepidation with these on me, for fear I will accidentally lose them or they would get stolen. My expenditure is usually not high either, and I dont need these."

Lu Zhanbei calmly dismissed her concerns one by one. "Its ok even if you lose them. My approval is required for any redemption. Even if someone picked it up, the bank would not casually do payouts. Furthermore, all precautions would be considered and taken this way. Who knows if you would need to use it one day? For instance, you used it for an emergency two days ago. Or maybe, you can safekeep them for me."

Lin Wanwan looked puzzled. Safekeep them for him?

Only daughters-in-law were qualified to safekeep their husbands assets. Who was she?

"Why dont you take them back first? If I need it someday, youll give it to me again, right?"

Lu Zhanbei rejected her immediately. "I dont take back the things Ive sent out."

Lin Wanwan knew that she would not be able to change Lu Zhanbeis mind no matter what. Her eyeballs suddenly turned nimbly and a hint of craftiness flashed past.

"I can allocate this check however I want?"


"Thats great! I want to exchange them for a lot of cash and then provide for a variety of Little Fresh Meats. Ill change one every day until I can change a groom daily, and Ill be a bride every night!"

Lin Wanwan looked beady. As she was speaking, she secretly stole a side glance at Lu Zhanbei, expecting him to take the checks back in a fit of anger.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zhanbei was stunned for a moment. He asked as if in deep thought, "Whats a Little Fresh Meat?"


Seeing his rare look of a lost child, Lin Wanwan explained awkwardly, "In my definition, Little Fresh Meat refers to a handsome man below twenty-five years old whos even more good-looking when he smiles."

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan and asked seriously, "Am I good-looking?"

Lin Wanwan did not understand what the significance of this question was. She answered truthfully, "Good-looking."

He was more than good-looking. She had seen a lot of handsome men, and Lu Zhanbei was definitely the most perfect one.

If he entered the entertainment circle, even Luo Han would have to give way.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to be very satisfied with her answer, and he immediately curved his lips into a smile.

This smile was as stunning as sunlight breaking through the dark clouds. Lin Wanwans pupils shone.

Lu Zhanbei said word by word, "Im only twenty-five this year."

Ah? What business was it of hers?

Lin Wanwan started to feel a little confused. In the process of recalling the conversation they had previously, she was enlightened. The corner of her lips twitched.

Was he tactfully expressing that he himself was also a Little Fresh Meat who was at the height of his youth and vigor?

"Yes, yes. Youre good-looking, and even more so when you smile. Youre so rich at a young age, and youre definitely the most outstanding among all the Little Fresh Meats!" Lin Wanwan thought it was funny but cooperated with him on the surface.