Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 258

Chapter 258 Really Want To Kiss Her

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Lu Zhanbei stretched out an arm fiercely and pushed her body to the seat.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head in puzzlement. Facing his pair of beautiful and deep, bottomless eyes, her eyes clearly reflected his thin, blushing-red lips opening and closing.

“Then do you want to consider providing for me?”


Lin Wanwan was stunned. Even if she had a hundred guts, she wouldn’t dare to!

Seeing that she didn’t answer after a long time, Lu Zhanbei squinted both eyes and leaned over. His right hand was holding her face, and he was gently rubbing it. There was a hint of danger in the gentleness.

“Why? You’re not willing to?”

“I” Lin Wanwan opened her mouth and felt that Lu Zhanbei was being weird.

She did not know why, but she felt that if she said no, Lu Zhanbei would do something bad.

Looking at Lin Wanwan’s red lips moving slightly, Lu Zhanbei’s eyes turned dark.

Really wanted to kiss her.

He really wanted to tell her how he felt about her now so that she would have no choice but to face it. Even if he were to be eventually rejected or if he used unscrupulous tactics, he would still want to be together with her.

Lu Zhanbei all along did not have any patience towards what he wanted. The desire he had during this period of time was already making his thinning patience run out.

At that moment, when he just could not help but want to kiss her, Lin Wanwan suddenly pouted.

“You want me to use your money to provide for you. Are you ill? Furthermore, you have long been my financier. How do you want me to counter you? I don’t have the guts”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her laughing happily. His eyes swept across her clenching fists by the side.

His madness cooled down in an instant.

If he really kissed her and let her understand his feelings for her, she might escape far far away and even draw the lines completely between them.

Luo Han was all she was thinking of right now. If it went beyond her tolerance threshold, she would rather die in glory than live in dishonor.

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his lips lightly and suppressed the eagerness to take action in his heart.

“Take the checks. Don’t return them to me again.”

“Ok.” After experiencing this, Lin Wanwan was also not in the mood to argue with him.

Lu Zhanbei loosened his grip on her and returned to his seat. He was still that tall, cold, and elegant man.

Lin Wanwan quietly heaved a sigh of relief. Lu Zhanbei’s looks really did scare her just now. In those moments, she even suspected that Lu Zhanbei had developed the kind of possessiveness between men and women.

It must be an illusion. After all, he’d long had someone he liked.

Lin Wanwan’s expression changed from the initial nervousness to puzzlement, then to amusement and eventually to relief.

Lu Zhanbei clearly witnessed this and his face sank slightly. He was feeling a little unhappy in his heart.

In Lin Wanwan’s heart, was he that much of a gentleman?

At this moment, the car stopped. Lin Wanwan felt like she was let off the hook and hurriedly pushed open the car door. “I’ll get going first!”

She was about to call Ruan Baoer along when Lu Zhanbei called her. “Wait, you’ve forgotten something.”

Lu Zhanbei handed over a white gift bag. Lin Wanwan thought that it was wrong for her to either accept it or not accept it.

The bag contained the outfit which she had worn previously. She initially wanted to just return it to him directly, but after failing to return the checks, she knew that Lu Zhanbei would definitely disagree to this. As such, she could only pretend that she left it in the car. Who knew that she would be exposed so quickly.

Sensing Lin Wanwan’s awkwardness, Lu Zhanbei opened the bag and took a look. He immediately guessed her thoughts.

“Don’t misunderstand!”

Seeing his cold eyebrows, Lin Wanwan rapidly explained, “I wanted you to bring it back to Yun Mansion to wash. The outfit is so precious, and I’m worried that I’ll accidentally spoil it while washing!”