Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Wanted To Deal With Her Using Little Tricks?

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A girl with a goose egg face gleefully looked at the mop that was placed horizontally across the door. Her pretty face was full of disdain.

“You ugly and shameless fool. Your parents never taught you well, but I don’t mind teaching you how to know your place. A stupid and mentally disabled girl like you have no right to like Luo Han!”

“You still want to marry him? Haven’t you looked at yourself in the mirror to know who you are?!”

Another girl smiled coldly. “Quickly get rid of your ridiculous ideas. If you want to graduate from this school, then you better be obedient and listen to us! If not, wait and see how we will deal with you!”

“Reflect on yourself here first. We are leaving!”

Hearing the footsteps outside drifting further and further away, Lin Wanwan, who was in the cubicle, rolled her eyes.

They wanted to deal with her using only little tricks like this?

They were too green.

Lin Wanwan turned over the bucket in the corner, stepped on it with one foot, and climbed over using her height of nearly 1.7 meters.


She jumped down deftly and patted away the dust on her body.

Lin Wanwan did not rush back to the classroom. She circled her surroundings, then arched her back and jumped out from the right window. She then took a nap comfortably at the terrace.

During this period, students entered and left from time to time.

In the afternoon, Lin Wanwan finally heard the voice she wanted to hear.

“Teacher Yu is such a busybody!” the girl with a goose egg face complained. “She’s just a fool we can casually play with, but she actually threatened us with the final exams to release this girl!”

“Exactly!” another voice chimed in. “Forget it, there’s not much time left. Let her out. If we use up this toy too soon, we won’t have anything to play with in the future.”

Both of them took away the mop that was blocking the door and opened the door. When they walked in, they realized Lin Wanwan was not in there at all.

“Eh? Why is she gone?”

“That can’t be!”

One of the girls came over. “She’s really not here. Could it be that she escaped? What a downer. Let’s go too Ah!”

Suddenly, her back was pushed by a strong hand. Her body lost control, and she knocked into the girl in front of her.

Both of them fell to the ground with a sharp cry.

“Who the hell pushed me!’


What answered her was the loud sound of a closing door.

One of the girls climbed up in panic and tried to open the door, but the door could not be opened.

“Open the door! Let me out! Which dreadful a*shole did this!”

Lin Wanwan sneered silently outside the door. This was called “giving someone a taste of their own medicine”.

Ignoring the deafening sounds of the door slams and all kinds of vulgarities, Lin Wanwan patted her sleeve and left gracefully.

When Teacher Yu saw her coming back, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief and asked her if she had seen the girls who went to look for her.

Lin Wanwan shook her head in ignorance and stated her grievance,”It took me a lot of effort to climb out. I was hungry and went to the school gate to get something to eat. I’m sorry, Teacher.”

Teacher Yu touched Lin Wanwan’s hair, her heart aching. “It’s ok. If there’s anyone who bullies you in the future, let me know.”


Teacher Yu brought her back to the classroom. In front of the class, she said that anyone who would ever dare to bully the new student in the future will be recorded with a huge demerit.

This move shocked a lot of people.

After all, regardless how rash they might be, they were still just a bunch of high school students.

Just like that, Lin Wanwan led a quiet campus life for the next few days.

Nobody dared to blatantly cause her any trouble. Even the two girls who had been locked up for a night dared not create trouble again. They only glared at her with vengeful eyes.

Lin Wanwan did not care at all. There were a lot of people who hated her. These two were not even qualified to be in the queue.