Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Dominating The News And Inciting Criticism

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Lin Wanwan snorted and enjoyed the service she provided. After pressing for a while, she suddenly asked, "You and that Mr. Lu what kind of relationship do you share?"


Ruan Baoer replied, "Oh. Then, do you like him?"

"I like Luo Han. Its not as if you didnt know that."

Upon hearing this, Ruan Baoer suddenly sighed. "Ah"

Lin Wanwan looked at her strangely. "Why did you sigh all of a sudden?"

Ruan Baoer shook her head and sighed. "So pitiful."

"Whos the pitiful one? What are you talking about?"

Ruan Baoer gave her an unfathomable look for a long while. Then, like the hero in a martial arts film, she placed both hands behind her back and sighed as she walked towards the bedroom.

Lin Wanwan was still feeling baffled initially. After she recovered herself, she immediately shouted, "Ruan Baoer, get back here! What type of massage is this? Its not even two minutes!"

Ruan Baoer dashed into the bedroom and locked the door.

What the! Lin Wanwan nearly scolded her.

This night, Lin Wanwan did not return to school and slept in the condominium.

She did not know that, after the live broadcast of the awards ceremony that night, the entire Imperial Capital High School was in an uproar because of her!

Lin Wanwan was the second newbie to have won two important trophies from Silver Deer Movie Festival at the same time, becoming the second Lin Xiao.

Even if she was just a fledgling actor who was not as famous as some Grade B celebrities right now, such an honor was enough for people to talk about her.

Her stunning appearance on the red carpet and the honors of winning the awards allowed her to climb up to the hot news of major portals at a miraculous speed.

When Lin Wanwan saw these pieces of news the next day, the corner of her lips could not help but tremble.

What was all these? She had only just slept for a night. Why was it that all the news seemed to have been dominated by her?

Defeating Su Maner? The second Lin Xiao? Life winner?

These headlines that seemed to be complimenting her, were they really not intentionally inciting criticism?

Putting aside the fact that Lin Wanwan was already a veteran in the entertainment circle, even if she was really a newbie, she also felt that this was too big of a movement.

Because, even the hot news of Luo Han winning the Best Actor Award again was suppressed by her.

If someone claimed that there was no human manipulation behind this, she would definitely not have believed it.

The more highly one was held up, the more terrible a death one would encounter should one fall.

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

Regardless of who the initiator was or how big of a plot the other party had schemed, she could not panic.

Only by remaining calm could one adapt to it.

She logged on to Weibo and realized that her fan numbers were about to reach eight million.

She casually opened the comments and saw that most of them were congratulatory words. Ball fans were especially happy.

Among the large number of friendly comments, there were a few discordant voices that were full of malice.

"How could Lin Wanwan afford such a luxurious outfit? Either it is fake or Lin Wanwan had gotten her financier to buy for her using some unspeakable means! Theres no third possibility!"

Although most of Balls fans had scolded this person, Lin Wanwans outfit remained as one of the hot searches.

For a period of time, there was even a vote regarding this outfit on the Internet.

Eighty-two percent voted that it was fake.

As for the rest, they guessed that this was sent by someone else. For instance, Tang Chen.

A few days later, adhering to the principle of being low-key, Lin Wanwan did not send any Weibo messages to explain herself. Even when a lot of students asked her this and that during lessons, she did not make any other comments other than giving thanks.