Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Sowing Discord

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She updated this an hour ago, and there was a composite photo with Xia Yili underneath the text.

Lin Wanwan frowned slightly. Was Su Maner referring to “Close Range with a Star” starting in two hours?

She did not know why, but she felt that there was a double meaning to it.

However, it was also pointless to think so much. There was always a solution to a problem.

At the same time, there was a single villa not too far away from Imperial Capital High School. This was Su Maner’s house.

She was wearing white lounge wear, and there was an aura of natural affinity being exuded. Sitting on the beige leather sofa, she dialed a number. “How long more until the reporters arrive?”

“Around half an hour.”

“Got it.” After hanging up the call, Su Maner went upstairs to her cloakroom.

Knock knock. She knocked on the door twice. “Teacher Shangguan, may I enter?”


Upon hearing this, Su Maner pushed the door open and entered.

In the big cloakroom, a woman in her thirties wearing a long ink-blue retro dress was seated in front of the long table. She was holding a drawing pen in her hand and sketching smooth lines on a piece of paper.

Shangguan Xi lifted her head and glanced at her. “Ms. Su, what specific design would you like for this season’s autumn wear?”

“Whatever you think is good.”

Su Maner smiled and walked over. She stood behind Shangguan Xi.

“You are one of the top fashion designers in the country. It is my honor to have invited you to help me design for this season’s autumn wear. I believe in Teacher’s standards and ability.”

Shangguan Xi did not even bat an eyelid. She said plainly, “However perfect things may be, there may always appear better ones. I can’t afford to be the top that you have spoken of.”

Su Maner gritted her teeth. Regardless of how famous she was, she was just a tailor who made clothes. How dared she put on airs in front of the customer!

If it wasn’t that Shangguan Xi was of use to her, she would not have let Godfather help hire her!

Su Maner took a deep breath and smiled again. “Teacher Shangguan, I heard that you met Master Jennifer seven years ago and was lucky enough to participate in her designer works. Is this true?”

Once Jennifer was mentioned, Shangguan Xi’s face could not hide the admiration she had for her and she nodded with pride.

“Yes, it was an international design competition where the person in the first place would become Master Jennifer’s assistant and finish a designed work together with her. I was very lucky to win the champion.”

Her biggest honor in this lifetime was not winning trophies from all kinds of top competitions but to be lucky enough to be Jennifer’s assistant!

As a fashion designer, Jennifer was not only her idol but also a milestone in this era for this profession.

Su Maner’s eyes shone and she clenched her fists with excitement. “Then you can definitely recognize Master Jennifer’s designs?”

“Of course.” Shangguan Xi looked at her strangely. “Why are you asking this?”

Su Maner held back her words for a while, sighed and said, “It’s like this. I know an actress who said that she has an outfit Master Jennifer personally designed for her. I found it strange. Master had already retired for so many years. How could she design an outfit for a newbie? So I wanted to ask Teacher Shangguan if what she said was true.”


Shangguan Xi jerked and slapped the table once heavily. Her face was ghastly pale and her eyes were filled with anger.

“Who’s the one who do not know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is and actually created such a lie? Before Master Jennifer announced her retirement in public, she mentioned that she would only design clothes for her close relatives and friends in the future. According to what I know, she has no friends in Xia country!”