Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 263

Chapter 263 The Fish Had Been Baited

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Su Maner strongly suppressed the eagerness to take action in her heart and asked tentatively, "So, shes lying?"

"She definitely is!" It was as if Shangguan Xi was insulted and she asked with a stern look, "Who is that person?"

"Shes called Lin Wanwan, a newbie actor who just debuted. Shes currently studying Year 3 at Imperial Capital High School," Su Maner explained, then expressed a helpless look.

"She said she was wearing Master Jennifers work. I was kind enough to remind her that its better to be down-to-earth and not lie. However, she insisted that what she said was true. I was helpless as I cant produce evidence to rebut her."


Shangguan Xi slapped the table again so hard that the draft paper on the table trembled a little.

"How shameless!"

She stood up and looked towards Su Maner. "Where is this Lin Wanwan now?"

"Why do you ask?"

"To confront her directly!" Shangguan Xi laughed coldly. "I want to see how the so-called Master Jennifers personally designed work looks like in that damned girls eyes!"

Seeing that Shangguan Xi was going to bring Lin Wanwan trouble, Su Maner nearly could not control the upward curve from the corner of her lips. However, she controlled it and put on a mask of being considerate.

"Why not forget it? Shes still young. Its normal for her to be vain. Why bother with her?"

"No!" Shangguan Xi rejected her immediately. "I will definitely not allow anyone to create rumors about Master Jennifer. If you casually take out an outfit and say that its Masters work, isnt that ruining her reputation?!"


"Tell me quickly where she is. If not, Ill find out myself!"

"Should be in the student hostel." Su Maner looked as if she was forced to say the truth.

Shangguan Xi took her bag and walked out quickly.

Looking at her back as she left with a murderous feeling, the helplessness on Su Maners face was gradually replaced by an evil smile.

The fish had been baited. It was not a waste for her to have made so many arrangements.


Su Maner held up her vibrating mobile and opened the new message.

"I saw Shangguan Xi driving away. Can we take action now?"

"Lets start!"

Su Maner replied with these two words and threw her mobile aside. She poured herself a glass of red wine and elegantly rubbed her lips.

As the saying goes, use bright tactics when keeping a high profile but use dark tactics when keeping a low profile.

With Shangguan Xi and Xia Yili as two good guns in her hands, she only needed to watch quietly behind the scenes and wait for the show to start.

"Lin Wanwan" Her eyes were cold as she mumbled, "You will soon understand what happens when you offend me!"

The program team of "Close Range with a Star" had already driven the car near the villa. Just as the program director wanted her to alight from the car, Xia Yili, who was sitting in the back row, stopped him with a smile.

"Director, Sister Maner has something on now and its not convenient for her to do filming. I have a big news here though. Do you want to follow me and take a look?"

The director frowned in dissatisfaction. "Did Su Maner regret it and not want to do filming with us? Our program will be broadcast live, and the images will be cut over in half an hours time. If something goes wrong, how do you want me to account for it?"

Xia Yili smiled apologetically. "Sister Maner has something on in the last minute. Shell be here soon. Director, you dont have to worry that there wont be broadcast content. I have prepared a very big surprise for you guys. I guarantee that itll be more exciting than taking a look at Sister Maners home!"

The director was doubtful. "Really? What is it?"

"Follow me and youll know."

"You lead the way then. There must not be any mistakes!"