Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 264

Chapter 264 A Wolf In Front And A Tiger Behind

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The TV station car immediately detoured and drove towards Imperial Capital High School in accordance with Xia Yilis instructions.

"Close Range with a Star" was a variety show that filmed the private lives of celebrities so that viewers can understand the private side of their idols. Thus, ratings had always been good. Not to mention that Xia Yili had even brought along Su Maner, the "national goddess," this time.

Su Maner had debuted a few years ago and was well protected in the entertainment circle. She did not have much rumors about her.

In the hearts of the fans, she was a perfect, pure-hearted female goddess. Now that they could understand the daily life of their female goddess, all the fans were very expectant. A lot of people were already stationed in front of the TVs or computers when the live broadcast had not yet started.

Lin Wanwan was still unaware of what was about to happen and was sleeping well in the hostel.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a crazy series of door slamming sounds could be heard.

Lin Wanwan was awakened by the sound. As she sat down and brushed her hair, she looked towards the door, which was faintly vibrating from the slams.

"Coming!" She put on slippers and opened the door. She saw an unfamiliar, stylishly dressed woman standing in front of the door and asked in puzzlement, "Who are you?"

( Box novel.c om ) Shangguan Xi did not answer but coldly sized her up. "Are you Lin Wanwan?"

"Its me."

Seeing that she admitted to it, Shangguan Xis face turned colder and her eyes were full of disdain. "I heard from someone that you have an outfit thats personally designed by Master Jennifer. Can you take it out for me so that I can appreciate it for a while!"

Su Maner!

Lin Wanwan immediately guessed that Su Maner was the one who had revealed the news. She secretly complained in her heart but shook her head apologetically.

"Sorry, that outfit is not here."

Thankfully, she was witty and had passed that outfit to Lu Zhanbei in advance.

"Not here?"

Shangguan Xi smiled coldly and sized Lin Wanwan up and down, as if looking at something disgusting.

"Little girl, youre still quite clever. You know that the lie you have told could not be rounded up, and thus, hid it in advance. You think that that way, it can no longer be verified, right?"

( Box novel.c om ) Lin Wanwan frowned and did not rebut. After all, she did mean it that way.

Shangguan Xi regarded her silence as having a guilty conscience. She was about to reproach her when a rumbling sound came from outside the window. A few TV station cars could be seen driving over quickly.

As the cars stopped, a group of people alighted from the car one after another. Some carried the equipment while others carried their cameras and ran over!

"Its Lin Wanwan!"

"Whos the woman opposite her? Why does she look familiar?"

"Go and film them quickly. If not, we wont make it for the live broadcast!"

In the blink of an eye, a group of people pounced over like locusts in transit. They did not care about the management personnels attempts to block them and immediately surrounded the hostel door closely.

Lin Wanwan felt that something was amiss. Why didnt the program team of "Close Range with a Star" film Xia Yili and Su Maner? What did they come over here for?

"Switch on the cameras quickly and cut the images over!"

The director instructed others to prepare their live broadcast devices. He had no choice. Now that Xia Yili had brought them here, it was too late for them to go back and readjust the filming plans.

Thankfully, Lin Wanwan was in the limelight recently. Filming her should be able to capture some attention as well.

The surroundings were noisy. Shangguan Xi frowned impatiently. "Stop all this noise!"

Her reproach caused dissatisfaction among a few people and someone was about to rebut.

"Ah!" someone exclaimed suddenly and stared straight at Shangguan Xi. "Arent you Teacher Shangguan?"

This sentence caused a commotion at the scene.